A school shooting that DIDN'T happen

Story here.

This is my son’s school. He knew the student that was going to carry this out. Thankfully, everything was resolved quickly.

I visited with the principal the day after the incident, letting him know I appreciated the way everything was handled- as soon as they got word, the entire school went on lockdown, leaving students sheltering in place for a few hours while the police and administration determined that all possible threats had been neutralized.

My kids are all level-headed, so no worries about trauma. While just over half of all students left after the lockdown, my son stayed and finished his school day… in his words, “After that, today was probably the safest day I spent in school, so I don’t get why people would leave.”

Just thought I’d share!

Scary! But I’m not sure how the authorities can charge him with attempted murder when the attempt hadn’t happened yet. Making plans that you don’t follow through on isn’t the same as actually trying to do something.


His age, that he had a list of targeted victims, or possibly because of something that wasn’t printed in the article?

With all the people the kid told, it sounds like he actually didn’t want to kill a bunch of people - he wanted to get arrested and sent to jail.

Under the circumstances it looks like he might get his wish.

A deeply disturbing story all round. Kudos to the kid that took the that seriously anyway

It sounds like a big-time cry for help, which this boy desperately needs.