A selection from the Spring 2001 Hammacher Schlemmer Catalog

The Only Dishwasher-Safe Kitchen Scale

It appears to be a tulip sculpture, but when the four bright yellow petals unfold a highly functional and precise kitchen scale emerges. This one-of-a kind scale is manufactured by Soehnle, makers of precision measuring devices since 1868. The scale holds up to 22 pounds of ingredients and weighs them in 5- and 10-pound or gram increments. A clear digital readout in teh base registers the weight. (It goes on but who cares)

Now how can this catalog go on and on about how its so precise when all it can measure in is 5 or 10 pound increments? Thats the most useless scale I’ve ever seen. Bah!

It’s Hammacher Schlemmer!!

They sell many of the world’s most useless-yet-expensive items!

Was there a GQ here?
(If it only weighs in 5-10 pound increments, how do they know it can hold 22 pounds? 20–yes, 25–yes, 22?)

I believe that’s called a “typo.” It can measure in 5 or 10 gram increments, so figure out what that is in Lbs.

Actually, I guess it’s more of a poorly phrased sentence than a typo. But either way, just do the math.

In case anyone’s wondering what this wacky scale looks like, go to Hammacher’s search area and search for 62507. It’s a steal at $99.95!! :rolleyes:


Direct link: http://www.hammacher.com/publish/62507.htm

I was kidding!

Hey thats a really good question. I didn’t even think of that.

It clearly say that it can measure 5 and 10 pound or gram increments.
Pounds, or grams. Whatever you need.

No question = closed thread.