A sequel to The Professional - I've got a bad feeling about this

In this report, it looks like Natalie Portman may star in a sequel to Leon.

Do you think this is a good idea? I really enjoyed the original, but I don’t know if a sequel is warranted.

Only if Jean Reno is in it. And then, if they do that, they should call it off because if they can figure out how to get Reno into the storyline it is probably too stupid to consider.

Oh dear sweet Lord…

What made it a great film was Jean Reno, not Natalie Portman! Give me a break.

I really like Luc Besson, but I might not if this thing goes through. Let’s just pray that little miss Amidala is just too busy or important or whatever.

Actually, I disagree. What separated Léon from any other assassin/action movie was Mathilda, and Portman’s incredible portrayal of her.

I’m intrigued about this sequel. But, I’m more interested in the other sequel she has coming out next summer. :slight_smile:

Well, I’ve got mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, The Professional (I never saw the version called Leon) was a great movie. A sequel would almost certainly not measure up.

On the other hand…Natalie Portman: YUM!

Oh, and on preview: I agree with Montfort.

Well, Luc Besson is a wildly uneven director, and since Jean Reno (one of my favorite actors) was bumped off at the end of Leon and thus is unlikely to appear, then, er, no.

They could always have some flashback scenes with Reno.

I’d watch it, I think Luc Besson makes excellent films.

Ok so I’ve only seen the two movies that have Jean Reno in them, so maybe a Luc Besson movie without Reno would be all bad.

Hmmm… that didn’t help at all did it?

In the spirit of her OTHER sequel - couldn’t Reno appear as a blue floating spirit guide?

Yeah, but that would mean Gary Oldman’s Portman’s dad. Hmm…

Portman’s legal by now, right?

Try “Kiss of the Dragon”. Besson produced, not directed, but there are some, um, interesting parallels to “Leon” (BTW, the uncut international version is the one to see). For example, in “Leon”, the evil cop is holding a little girl hostage in police headquarters. Leon’s plan to get her out? Walk in the front door and take her by force. Now, pay close attention, and see if you can spot the parallel: In “Kiss of the Dragon”, the evil cop is holding a little girl hostage in the police station. Jet Li’s plan to get her out? Walk in the front door and take her by force. Subtle, huh. “Kiss of the Dragon” also has things lifted from “Nikita”.

Don’t you even TRY comparing Kiss of the Dragon to The Professional. Yes, yes, there’s plot similarities, but The Professional was a well-acted, sensitive movie with great action scenes. Kiss of the Dragon was so crappily written that we all started laughing right in the theater, and the characters were paper-thin. But it had Jet Li in it. :slight_smile:

Yeah, she can do nude scenes, but its probably unlikely as it wouldn’t sit too well with the image Lucas wants for his film (and she’s probably got one more to do).

Still, it could be a good film, then again, it might blow dead bears.

Maybe it will be a prequel, and we’ll all have to believe that Melinda is really ten years old instead of twelve. :smiley: Or Leon could have a twin brother. An eeeeeeevil twin.

BTW, how accurate is IMDB’s “people news” site linked in the OP? Is Kim Basinger really dating Eminem?

I don’t think it would work. Making a sequel to a movie like this can only be bad. The movie was made by the chemistry between Jean Reno and Natalie Portman, and since Leon is dead, well, that makes it hard for Jean Reno to be in it. And anyway, it always struck me as one of those movies that is meant to stand by itself, with no others like it, a sequel would alienate the first one in my eyes. And in the end, clearly, it’s only my eyes that matter :slight_smile:

“Kiss of the Dragon” definitely comes up wanting in comparison to “Leon”. You’ll get no argument from me there. But it is a pretty good action flick, and has some nice set pieces and a good moment or two.

Take the “Bullies picking on the badass unaware that they’re hopelessly outclassed” moment. Fonda’s pimp beats her up, spilling into Li’s shop in the process. Li says something like “I don’t like to tell anybody their business, but I’d appreciate it if you don’t do that (pauses half a beat) again.” Just before kicking butt.

BTW, count me also in as being against the idea, but dang it, movie producers seldom see the wisdom in doing things the way I want them done.

That hasn’t stopped Ewan McGregor from showing his lightsaber in every movie he can.