A serious question for Sam Stone on Factual Errors

Shh. Don’t ruin my clever Billie Eilish reference.

Thanks for the earworm asshole. :rage:

(Seriously, that song is really hard to get out of your head! :grimacing:)

And now we learn that American code breakers cracked Enigma in WW II

Oh, fuck off. I know who cracked Enigma. Alan Turing is my hero. I was thinking about the Japanese Naval Codes that Americans broke that helped win Midway. It was a simple slip - I get ganged up on in threads and have to answer half a dozen posts at a time. Try it sometime.

As for the supply chain diagrams, the point I was making was that natural systems evolve complex (in the mathematical sense) networks, and used the diagram of a supply chain as an example. I even linked to the definition of a complex network, which was ignored. The other diagram looked much more ordered to me. For example, I didn’t see any feedback loops. But if it’s indeed a complex network by the definition of complex networks, I simply mistook it for something else.

And once again I made the mistake of trying to engage civilly in the pit. I should know better.

Sure. I mix up Enigma with Japanese naval codes all the time.

But keep on whining that you’re being picked on. It makes you look terrific.

I’ve been unfailingly polite and YOU two have been nothing but RUDE!

Not as bad as confusing lamb with veal though.

That jackhole has a lot of American pride for a Canadian. Esp considering the Commonwealth could actually have been considered to have cracked Enigma itself.

Next thing, he’ll be one of those advocating for broader 2nd Amendment solutions up there.

Do folks really believe he lives north of the US/Canada border?

I think he really does. We have a LOT of American politics lovers in Canada, especially on the right. They would very much like to see American politics come to Canada, and they are starting to make it a bit of a reality. For example, the Deputy Minister for the opposition (so kind of the 2nd highest member of the opposition) was photographed wearing a Make America Great Again hat, and is very pro-Trump. It is not unusual to see people flying Trump 2020 or 2024 flags at conservative events. Plenty of confederate flags as well. Somehow they don’t think it dumb to say “It is heritage not hate”, which is of course, even dumber than when an American says it.

Most of my relatives in Canada have jumped on the Trump train. First and second generation South Asian immigrants in Canada letting their racist, anti-immigrant AND anti-First Nations flag fly. Going on about how American free speech and gun rights are a model for Canada. And most amazingly touting the American health care system as a model of innovation and fairness.

Was all below the surface for decades until the last few years.

I guess there are dumb people everywhere. And flying a Trump flag in Canada is up there on the dumbness scale.

I said it before and I’ll say it again - that jackhole is likely mentally challenged on some level. If any non-Canadian had the obsession with Canadian politics that this non-US citizen/resident has with US politics it would cause many here to question if there was some mental imbalance on display.

Stop posting stuff you found in random corners of the internet. You do not turn into a liberal by paying attention to real news, you just become informed about the world. What sort of response you think makes sense, to any particular situation, is what makes you left or right-wing.

Here’s 9 pages of sources:

Choose a bunch and axe whatever stupid nonsense you’re following now. This isn’t hard.

Not to defend Sam, but that show is so genuinely batshit crazy that the fake narrative was surprisingly plausible. Tbh, I only twigged when one of them referred to the “meatgrinder” - that one of them might get drafted and have a tantrum about it is in character, but they’d never dis the war like that.

I agree – I thought it might be legit until I saw that the tweeter was a parody account.