Suffering Fools

WhiteNight wrote:

Is this an argument against my point? [Hint: no.]

Because sxe dopefiend used the word technically as a prelude to abandoning the actual technicalities.

I wonder what weak spirits you must be used to arguing with that you still think this rhetorical device cuts ice. The guy reported his IQ as 143 and asked to be taken seriously because of it. I pointed out to him that to be taken seriously he should learn to write. And yes, I gave him the haircut about it. You want I should hold his hand and pat his ass? I don’t wonder that the kid can’t write. He’s probably been pampered by people like you all his life.

And speaking of getting Freudian on a guy, quit projecting your insecurities onto me.

What thread is this from? I’m confused.

This is concerning

Ignore sxe dopefiend , he’s just Micheal Masterson in disguise.

And he isn’t any more interesting this way, either.

Bad manners? How should I know? I was raised by wolves.

At least he told the truth about his age, Danny.

Everything else is nonsense, though.