Fighting Ignorance.

Im sick of even trying! ARghh!

Ok, im new to this Rant thing, so forgive me on this. It appalls me that there are so many Ignorant or misinformed people in this world lacking good common sense. Is it so much to ask to not take everything at face value. To not take every bit of twisted, worthless bit of knowledge and accept it as fact. To mabey, just mabey learn enought about a subject, and im not talking getting a degree, to know when something is absolute and total bunk?

Ok, mabey im just extremely biased in my views on Pseudo-Science and charlatans. The number one reason I love this board is the quantity of quality and educated people. All banded together to learn more and erradicate Ignorance. And I will admit, I am one of the Ignorant ones. (And probably will never be learned as most of those here, the more I learn the more I realize I have yet to learn)

I am talking about Psuedo-science, with apparent and sudden appearance of (to me) quacks blabbing about things such as the swarms of vermin and disease in the story of moses being caused by some catastrophe born from venus like in this thread or some really far out explination of a possible philosophy topic here.

Am I going crazy? Am I wrong on these things, Is this something that science has confirmed and I have yet to learn? Or are these people pranksters who are laughing at me for not getting their joke?

Arghh! I can’t seem to find it too funny, This board is to FIGHT IGNORANCE people, not promote it. If it is a philisophical discussion you want, thats great, I don’t have much to contribute to that, but common… Don’t confuse it with Science. Religion is fine too, its not science, its not quackery(not really), but its faith, not some psuedo garbage that makes my head spin trying to figure out if its a fucking joke or a severly deranged individual.

Well, that DOES feel better.

Perhaps, but that one was a pretty weak gag by somebody - “chronosynclasticinfundibulum” should have a space in it, and was coined by Vonnegut in “Sirens of Titan”.


I see.

Though It wouldn’t be the first time somebody has taken a something from a Sci-Fi book or story. I remember something about a few small cult/religions forming from some sci-fi books. So wouldn’t surprise me if it wasn’t a gag at all. I, of course, will assume that it was a Gag. (Im too lazy to look up the cite for that, but If you really want it, I suppose I can search for it.)

Like Scientology?

(emphasis added)

Watch it, Skippy.

Hard enough to get any respect around here without some furshlugginer newbie bad-mouthing an entire profession…

Oh, and reel gud spelling.

It wasn’t that bad!

DrFidelius: Uhh, what profession would that be, exactly? Pseudo-scientist, or professional charlatan? And why should anyone hesitate to bad-mouth either of these career choices?

Fuck, just saw your sig. Never mind.