A Ship in an Earthquake?

Presume a ship is where it is safest, well out to sea in deep water. Would an earthquake have any impact on it at all? Thinking about it, I suppose even a large earthquake would hardly be noticed.

Am I mistaken?

If the earthquake caused an underwater landslide/collapse big enough to cause a megatsunamiit would notice at least, those things can be huge. I’m not sure if it would be actually dangerous far out to sea, though.

Seismic induced waves have huge wavelengths on the order of 25 miles plus. Due to this they are what are known as a shallow-water wave. In deep water, the amplitude is only a few feet. It would not be noticed by a person or even seen from above in the open ocean due to the other waves.

I thought it had to do with wavelength and water depth, but was a bit unclear on it. Thank you.