A sig line question

I wanted to use a font in my sig line.

Sometimes, in the past, this has led to friction.

I promise to restrict myself to black in color & non-huge in size. (size 1 or 2)

Would this be a problem?

“A problem” as in, get you banned, or “a problem” as in, annoy other posters?

I can’t argue for the first, as IANAM, but I can answer the second. Yes, it’s annoying to look at. It makes the Dope look frighteningly close to those other message boards with avatars and flashing banners in sig lines with huge pictures of kitty cats and toddlers.

I hate flashy sig lines. I hate them with the power of a thousand burning smilies.

(I don’t mind smilies, actually. But I detest sig lines.)

You are already using a font in your sig line. If you want to use a specific font, why don’t you tell us what it is. Or better yet, post your proposed sig line in the body of a message in this thread so people can clearly see what you are requesting.