A significant step towards an HIV vaccine?


Please gods… let this be something.

matt_mcl - We can hope, but 16 years ago I was part of a vaccine trials headed by the NIH. The concept for the vaccine was that they would combine part of the HIV virus with the smallpox vaccine (because that had such a well-proven history of success), to create antibodies against the HIV virus. At the time, the researchers said they figured a workable vaccine was 5-10 years in the future. 16 years later and we’re still waiting.

To qualify for the vaccine study I had to not have been previously vaccinated against smallpox and I had to agree to a year’s celibacy, to minimize the potential HIV invection. Of course, no IV drug users need apply. The study had a hard time finding volunteers. :smiley:


They’ve made announcments on TV to bring in volunteers for the testing. However, they also mentionned that :

-Even if it proves to be efficient, it will take more than 5 years before it can be sold to the general public.

-It’s only one of some large number of vaccines being tested all over the world.

Even if it’s just a small advance…

crosses fingers and hopes so much it hurts