A Site for Sore Ears: 1910s–20s Pop Songs

Just found this site and wanted to share it. People who like this sort of thing will like this sort of thing.

Inludes original recordings of some of my favorites: “Fido is a Hot Dog Now,” “O’Brien Is Tryin’ to Learn to Talk Hawaiian,” “There Must Be Little Cupids in the Briny,” “My Little Bimbo Down on the Bamboo Isle”—why don’t they write 'em like that anymore?

While my computer can’t play any of those selections, any list of recordings that includes the Happiness Boys, marching bands, and barbershop-style quartets can’t be that bad.

Now excuse me, as I put on my boater…

This is cool, Eve! I’ve heard snippets of the music from this period in documentaries, but I never had a source for it.

I just switched from listening to the likes of Sigur Rós and DJ Tiësto to listening to this music. That’s got to count as a personal record for pop-music era-chnaging in one listening session…

Thanks to the ministrations of E-Sabbath, my computer can now do everything short of writing the songs itself.

I e’d this to a friend at the BBC, and she said the whole office is humming “There Must Be Little Cupids in the Briny.”

Thus the conspiracy begins. :slight_smile:

Why would Eve have friends at the BBC?

This is absolutely the Bee’s Knees.

Sophie Tucker notwithstanding, you are the last of the Red Hot Mamas, Eve.

I love this sort of thing!

“That’s a Lot of Bunk” is my new theme song! (Knocking out “Mr. Ghost Goes to Town.”)

I love it! Thanks for posting it, Eve! I seem to recognize one or two of those titles from the old Dr. Demento Show.

Check out that “Charley My Boy” for some hot early jazz. Mr. Pug will be very pleased.

I just realized that if any of those songs are elegies or requiems, then they’d be. . .

(say it with me)

1920’s style death-songs!


This is, totally like mega cool, thanks Eve.

Glad you’re enjoying it . . . I love Billy Murray, one of the most prolific recording stars of the 1910-20 period. Now, excuse me, while I do some housework to the tune of “If I Knock The ‘L’ Out of Kelly.”

Damn, no “Come Josephine in My Flying Machine”-I love that one!

Eve, I do believe you are the bee’s knee’s, the veritable cat’s pyjama’s. I have alerted James “The Gallery of Regrettable Food” Lileks, and I expect a royalty when the two of you collaborate on the “Gallery of Regrettable Celebrity” in 2004.

Hugs & Kisses,


I have a web site that’s similar to Turtle’s Jukebox. It’s called Swazoo Koolak’s Web Jukebox. I remaster records from my collection of 78s and make them available as mp3 and rm files. I rotate the selections, putting up a different twelve records every month. Each month has a different theme - this month is devoted to twenties dance bands.

Anyone know where I can hear recordings from that era of “I’m Henry VIII I Am” or “Does Your Spearmint Lose Its Flavor on the Bedpost Overnight?”

Thanks, Eve!

My current favorite is “Do What Your Mother Did” by the Sterling Trio. They do write 'em like that anymore, but obviously not so cleverly. :smiley:

It’s the bee’s knees. It’s the wasp’s nipples. It’s the entire set of insect errogenous zones in the world.

I knew there had to be a reason why both Eve and I were on the SDMB. This was obviously it.

Thank you for the link.

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Ooooh, I’m so glad I’ve found some others who prefer the Happiness Boys to 50 Cent! Jeff, I have added that jukebox link to my bookmarks–thanks!

By the way, should I feel guilty for cakewalking around my apartment while belting out “Waiting for the Robert E. Lee?”

Here’s some more.