A small apology for closing a thread.

In this thread:


… I expressed some displeasure at a certain poster’s approach to child-bearing. I would just like to state that I harbor no ill will toward him, it’s just that this sort of approach to having kids really peeves me.

If we were able to choose the sex of our children before birth, we’d have a much different world. I’d bet that many people in many parts of the world would prefer boys over girls due to cultural norms, and as a chick myself, this idea distresses me greatly. I’m very glad this isn’t a viable option yet.

It’s also my personal belief that people in this day and age should really have no more than two children, especially in the US, where more children will just eat up more resources than anywhere else in the world. But, that’s just my own opinion, and it’s for another thread.

So again, sorry about that. I should have stated that a bit more delicately.

(And BTW, just because I don’t agree with your approach doesn’t mean I’m infertile or anything. I’m a 20-year-old college student, for God’s sake! I consider myself lucky that I haven’t “had any of my own” just yet!) :slight_smile: