A Spectacularly Ineffectual Rant Against the Very Heavens!

Shakes fist pointlessly at the sky

This is gonna be so cool!

A total lunar eclipse, the first in three years. “The Super Bowl of celestial shows” says the CNN article I linked to. Viewing parties! The Moon turning bright red! I have a new digital camera! And binoculars! And nice big dark Van Cortlandt Park right across the street! :smiley:

But I’m sitting here after hanging up my coat on the shower rod because it’s gotten wet from the rain that just started. The rain coming from the thick, impenetrable cloud cover that started rolling in around noon and that’ll not only give us a soggy weekend but block our view of the eclipse. Hey, it’s not like there’s anybody in the New York City area who might want to see this event, since with our light pollution eclipses are one of the few astronomical events we can enjoy. There’s an arrogant spur of clouds reaching out just to cover us up. Arrrgh!

Well, those of you who CAN see the eclipse, enjoy it. Aw, who am I kidding? I hope you all break your ankles in prairie dog holes in the darkness, you clear-skyed bastards.
Shakes fist at the sky again. Somewhere, the moon goddess Diana laughs uproariously

Don’t blame Diana. I think Zeuss was supposed to be in charge of weather. He’s probably pissed because some mortal chick spurned him. Got all turned into a bull for nothing…

We’re probably not going to get to see it either. It’s been pretty cloudy today. It won’t be dark by then here anyway.

Well, the only good thing that may come of the storms we had here that knocked the power out is that if for some reason they don’t get the power back on (and the clouds don’t build back up) there won’t a lot in the way of lights around to interfere with the viewing.

I’d rather have my power on and see the eclipse though, thanks.

Well, yeah, but I blame Diana because, you know, get the Big Guy mad enough…

Le sigh. Aw well, they say there’ll be another one in November. It’ll probably snow. :frowning:

I feel your pain. (sigh) It is currently pouring buckets, hence, no eclipse. The past four years, it has been cloudy/overcast during the “spectacular meteor showers”.

I wouldn’t know, cause I couldn’t see them!
And last July 4th? Rain, rain, and oh, by the way, did I mention that it rained?