A squirrel on a greased wire...

What would happen if a squirrel tried to cross a well greased power line?

In other words, what is the dominant force keeping him from falling?

Does he grip the wire with sharp claws, like a bird does, and thus not have any problems whatsoever with the slipperiness of the wire?
— or —
Does he have exceptional balance, allowing him to bound across the wire with the same precision and agility that a house cat shows while walking across a fence or wall?

I’ve seen them cross loose wires slung underneath, so they must be able to grip them with claws and digits, however, a greased wire might still slip out of their grasp quite easily.

Most squirrels will do anything for just peanuts.

A greased wire demands cash upfront.


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Oh, and Duckster… I was on a fairly sensitive phone call while I read your post. It was very difficult to restrain myself from laughing out loud at what would have been a most inappropriate time.

This reminds me of one of the best sentences I’ve ever heard on TV:

“In 1947 I began my life-long war with the squirrels.”

I see them making mad dashes across the power lines on one stretch of road I take to work. They shoot forward until their back end tilts off, which causes them to grip hard with their front claws. They stop until they’re righted, then dash forward again. It’ll happen maybe 3 times for the width of one road.