A stagnant pool of rancid, stenchful waste

No, that’s not the title of my forthcoming autobiography.

It’s how an appeals court judge in Cuyahoga County describes an arbitrator’s decision that gives a Cleveland detective his job back (the detective was fired for sending 8,000 “sexually explicit text messages” to female crime victims (a couple of whom had active cases open) and spending “hours” at women’s homes while he was on duty).

“One woman said she was intimidated by the text messages “but didn’t want anything to jeopardize her case””.

The arbitrator ruled that the firing was too harsh and that the city didn’t consider “mitigating factors”, including statements from fellow cops who praised the officer.

The appeals court has upheld the arbitrator’s decision, ordering the reinstatement of the officer. How wrongheaded!

If he was sending any of those 8,000 texts while behind the wheel, he could have jeopardized other drivers. :frowning:

So you’ve seen my toilet after taco night, huh?