A Standardised List of Battles With Army and Environment Parameters

Where can I get this for ancient / WWII battles / other battles? I am looking for something like a book that contains very condensed / standardised descriptions of the parameters for each side and battle environment.

You’re not going to find standardized information like that for ancient battles. It doesn’t exist. What we have for ancient battles is informed speculation about how many combatants were present, how they were equipped, and what they did.

I don’t think any single book that will give you the information you are looking for.

You will find little on ancient battles, the original sources are generally not that detailed. However, there are a number of sources for folks who have an interest in these armies.

These might be a good starting point.

For more modern events, it is possible to find details for pretty much any battle, but a comprehensive list would fill an encyclopedia.

Good luck with your research

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My guess is that the OP is Biff Tannen, looking to give his younger self a handy one-volume guide to how to get rich by betting on battles.

This is pretty close, but not quite what you might want in environment information.