A Statue?

I had an odd line of thought triggered this mornin’ – wandering through a city park enjoying the first snow of the season, I happened across a genuine Municipal Bronze Statue which, upon inspection, turned out to have been erected in memorial to – ‘The Inventor of Dental Anesthesia’.

Unable to turn a blind eye to numbing irony, I’d like to invite submissions for the “First Annual ‘Silliest Memorial Statues (or other notable commemorations) Of All Time’ Contest.”

Judging will, of course, be completely arbitrary. Please limit submissions to real memorials, though pure fiction (if acknowledged) will be considered for ‘Honorable Mention’ prizes to be announced later. First Prize will be an autographed pillow yet to be chosen, assumin’ there’s ever a winner over in that other thread . . .

Dr. Watson
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In Schenectady, there is a memorial celebrating General Electric’s 100 years as the city’s major industry.

It’s a tombstone. Considering the current state of GE in Schenectady, that’s a nice bit of gallows humor.

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I don’t know. Imagine a world without dental anesthesia. That guy can have all the statues he wants. I’m all for it.

Downtown Tucson, Arizona has a statue of Pancho Villa mounted on a horse. Not many places honor those who have invaded the US.

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      • There’s a dentist school nearby that has a bronze statue of Robert Wadlow, the world’s tallest man. It seems that Robert studied to become a dentist, but he was making so much doing appearances that he never had to practice. I don’t recall if he actually finished the dentistry training; his hands ended up so damn big he would have had a hard time actually working on patients anyway. - MC

Do lame accounts of statue alteration count?

In downtown Cincinnati there’s a lovely litle parklike boulevard with a a statue of President Garfield mounted on a horse. (I’m a native Ohioan and haven’t the slightest idea of anything notable Garfield ever did, but somehow martial and mounted pomp doesn’t seem too likely.)

Anyway, each Halloween the head (of the Prez, not the horse) sports a huge, orange Garfield The Cat mask. There’s a certain surreal cheer to it: the banal masked by the banal.

::sighing:: okay, I warned you it was feeble.


Somewhere in West Virginia, I don’t remember where, there is a statue of John Henry. I always thought that was weird.

Speaking of statues, is that statue in “Rocky” real? Is it really of him? If so, WHY?

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Yeah, that statue was really made.
They kept it at the Art Museum for awhile. Then the Art Museum people decided it was taking up valuable real estate, so they wanted to move it. Peope were in a huff. They thought the Art Museum was being “Snobby”. Now its were it belongs, in front of the Spectrum in South Philly.
Well, thats were it was the last time I was there. They might have moved it since they built that new monstrosity.

Oh well. Thats my eight grade memory of the events. So, take it with a rather large grain of salt.

On the note of Silly Statues. There is one in DC, where there is a statue pretty much on every corner, dedicated to the Inventor of the Screw Torpedo. Or something like that. Anyway, its written around the base, so if you don’t keep reading it looks like he is the inventor of the screw. Which leads me to wonder how people procreated before that time.


Hey, Crick&Watson, I just took one of your names in vane in the Cecil’s Column thread (or whatever that first thread is called).

Oh, I’m gonna keep using these #%@&* codes 'til I get 'em right.

There’s a rest stop in New Jersey dedicated to Howard Stern.

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They named a public toilet after Howard Stern? Certainly that must rate at least an ‘Honorable Mention’. But so far I’ve gotta say the ‘Screw Torpedo’ inventor has my vote.
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From downtown Enterprise, AL…

The Monument to the Boll Weevil

Hmmm, well I don’t think this rates with the Boll Weevil, but didn’t Cecil mention in an article that some big spinach producing city has a Popeye monument?

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I don’t know if this compares, but in a tiny township in New Zealand called Gore (near the township of Clinton, if you can believe it) there are three memorials. One is a giant fibreglass trout. One is a concrete sheep. And one is a giant mural of the Creamoata Man, an outdated cereal mascot cartoon figure. All on one intersection of town.

Totally odd.


The Legend Of PigeonMan - By Popular Demand! Enjoy, enjoy!

Don’t forget the [url=http://www.roadsideamerica.com/muffler/muffler.html]Muffler Men.

Darn it.


Muffler Men

We have one of those Muffler Men right in our town. It stands up in front of a putt-putt golf course. Am I the only one who thinks these things are just plain ugly?

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LOL, when I first read that I thought it said “Crematoria Man!” I thought “what sort of sick crematoria has a mascot?!?!”

Sarcasm detector? Oh, THAT’S a real useful invention!

Decided to find some other pictures…

Popeye statues (There are actually 4 or 5 of them.)

Robert Wadlow statue

In Idaho Springs, CO (home of BeauJo’s mountain pies) there is a statue of Steve Canyon, from the comic strip. Seems the valley IdSpgs is in is actually named “Steve Canyon”

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