A Strange & Unimportant Occurance

I just called my 70-year-old mother as I do each Saturday. She asked me who Marwan was and why he called her.

Marwan is a teacher in my office.

Mom says that ‘in the middle of the night’ last week she got a call from someone (who I suppose identified himself as Marwan). He said ‘Hello mami,’ and then began to speak in Arabic. She says she heard my laughter in the background.

She said it scared the bejebbers out of her.

I don’t remember this. So I called Marwan. He claims innocence. Further the call register on my phone shows no unusual call home. Besides the mobile is basically on me at all times.

So what the heck happened? I suspect Mother had a nightmare. Any other ideas?

It is possible your mom is beginning to confuse dreams with reality. I can imagine that she’s familiar with the name Marwan through previous conversations with you.

I’m not saying this is what happened, but you might think about whether you’ve noticed any changes in her interactions with you lately.

Marwan is one of the King’s own men. He’s checking out your background after that letter you sent, and is probably oath bound to lie to you about it.

Does Marwan speak Arabic? Or something that sounds like it? Does here phone have caller ID for her to see the name and a memory for you to check? Is it possible the call to her (if there was one) came from somewhere other than your mobile?

Yes, Marwan is fluent in Arabic and English, and pretty darn good in French. Mom does know his name from conversations with me.

I’ll pass this along to my US-based sibles to alert them. Still darn odd.

You might want to get your Mom checked for Alzheimer’s, just in case.

Since you mentioned your mother, did she like whatever present you got her?

I got her the custom-made stamps with pictures of her cat on them. She loves them. Thanks to whoever recommended it to me.

Of course only four months next Christmas. I have gotten nobody nothing yet.

You know, last night I woke my boyfriend up and told him, with complete certainty, that the cat’s collar, which I’d taken off because it made too much noise, was floating around the room. I was standing on the bed trying to catch it. Seemed totally real - still does.

I mean, I’m just sayin’, her mind could be perfectly fine and just have spat out some kind of vivid dream.

But how do you know your mind perfectly fine?

Guess I don’t. And I guess my boyfriend would be pretty embarassed if he happened to see a flying cat collar sneaking up on him, wouldn’t he? :wink:

About a week ago, I woke up my girlfriend by telling her that we had to get moving because our flight to Azerbaijan was leaving soon.

I guess I woke up at some point when she was trying to work out what the hell I was talking about. (I have no idea. Totally random.)