A strenuous but heartwarming 2 days

The last couple of days have made me feel a couple of things I haven’t felt in a while.

The story;
Out on the local Airforce Base to pack a family for moving. The customer Master Sergeant______ came to the gate to sponsor us onto the base.
As soon as we were cleared, we followed her to her home over in the post housing area. When we got to the house, she took us inside for a walk through and said, “I can’t stay, but let me introduce you to my wife.”

The heartwarming;
I don’t know how long they’ve been together, but the warmth and affection between these two women serving and married and raising kids together in the Airforce today, openly makes me happy. The warmth and affection they have for each other was evident everywhere, from family photos to little looks they would give each other when they were both there, to how they treated their children when we were there…

This is one of those times (that are sore missing lately) that give me hope for the future of our country, that tell me that the ideals I served to protect and uphold are (even if only slowly) being realized, thus vindicating that idealist within me. It makes me feel a little less ashamed of my service, shame of my service being a feeling I’ve become very familiar with under this current regime in the whitehouse. It feels, sorta strange, to think that I can be a little less embarrassed, a little less angry, because of this wonderful sweet couple.

Anyone else have an emotional “pick me up” this week?

Yes, yours.

Thank you.

Aww, I love a good love story. During these difficult times we have to grab onto any bits of joy that we can.

I’m crazy in love with my family right now. I deal with chronic illness, depression, anxiety, all kinds of stuff that makes me frustrated with how my life is going (current events do not help), but when it’s just me and my husband with the baby, I feel like the luckiest person in the world. My son is learning to crawl and explore and we just sit back and watch him problem solve. I can tell he understands how certain things work even though he can’t physically make his body do what he wants yet. It’s the most amazing thing just witnessing the learning process. I’ve always wanted a child, but I was never too interested in babies, so I’m surprised to be having this much fun.

And then my husband - wow. There is nobody else I’d rather have this experience with.

@spice_weasel was my pick-me-up for the day.

in my experience, you’ve got nothing but many more years just like this (and then, grandchildren. The joy and wonder does not dilute with time).


Ah the happy memories…
Babies are amazing.
You’re right about having to grab what bits of happiness and joy we can in these times, thank you for sharing a bit of yours @Spice_Weasel.