A super-cool steel string guitar.

Not in the market, no, no, no. Surfing the web this rainy evening, and I went to the website of the guy who built my classical guitar. What should I see but THIS - he’s gone into steel-strings as well.

I’m not in the market, no, no, no. Even though I absolutely love the classical he made for me, I don’t need another steel-string, it’s probably going to be expensive, I need to pay off the piano.

I think I need to swing by his place and play it sometime soon though. We’ll be driving right past his workshop while we’re on vacation…

AAAAUUGH! GAS alert!! GAS alert!!!

Wow. Love it.

Man, he really screwed that up: the hole is in the wrong place.

That looks fascinating; I suspect, given his nylon-string roots, that it would be geared to fingerstyle, either fingerpicked folk/ragtime, or more modern stuff? I assume it would favor an even, precise attack - balanced sound and separation, not strummy, although I am sure it would do jazz pretty well…


Yeah, the lack of a (visible) pick guard made me wonder about vigourous strumming, too. He does have this 1mm clear plastic stuff that he has used on his flamenco instruments as a golpeador. I’ll try to file a report when I get a chance to try it out.

What am I saying? If I ever get a chance to try it out. In a few weeks when I’m back. On the way to the waterslide park…


Gotta go; I’m (supposed to be) on vacation. (Hate vacations - all that playing time wasted!)

Where are you - any guitar stores nearby? :wink:

Pagey no loadey. :frowning:

My Firefox didn’t like it but IExplorer did.

Ditto. I can see text but no images.

ETA: BubbaDog is correct – IE shows the images, Firefox fails.

Wow, cool looking guitar. Very “Jetsons”-ish.

OK, IE worked.

But no. Definitely not for me. Ick.

Here’s the image linked to on the top page, URL fixed for Firefox:


If I saw someone playing one of those, I wouldn’t be able to listen 'cause I’d be too busy squinting and turning my head to try to make the guitar straighten out. :slight_smile:

The most interesting feature to me is the pivoting neck. I have never seen this in any guitar before. I wonder how well this holds up.

You’re a wicked, wicked person. :wink:

Nah, just a carrier of G.A.S., a highly communicable disease you catch from other people who spend way too much time fingering their guitars. Guitar is a nasty habit - and if you keep picking it, it’ll never heal.


As it turned out, we walked past Fred Eaglesmith’s Hobo Java store just after it closed. I was not allowed to remain in the vicinity to see when they opened today. Too bad - there was a really cool harp guitar in the window…