A suspicious stink

Kinda gross, but I’m bursting to share and who else can I tell this to, sorry in advance.

My fifteen year old son Zac has a neighborhood friend named Bobby. Nice kid, sort of a weirdo but my son is also, they get on well. Bobby(16) introduced my boy to another friend, Mark(18), and the two of them have been hanging out here all summer long.

A few weeks ago, Bobby, Mark and Zac were at the park across the street and when I called Zac home, they all three returned with an extra couple of younger kids. A girl about 12 and her little brother who was maybe 8. Zac gave me a hurried explanation that there were some rough kids at the park picking on these two youngsters and that the three older boys didn’t want to abandon them, so they brought them along home. I made sure they two kids were alright, offered them use of the phone and/or a ride home, they both used the bathroom and accepted a bottle of water but assured me that they were alright and left in the custody of Bobby and Mark.

The other day, Bobby stops by again with the younger girl. It concerns me somewhat to see this little girl hanging out with these older boys, but the three boys are rather immature and they’re only hanging out at the park that I can see from my porch, and besides, she’s not my kid and I haven’t a clue where she lives or anything.

So they stop by, Zac’s not home but again the girl asks to use the bathroom. She does, I chat with the two for a moment, and away they go.

A few hours later, I go into the bathroom and am nearly knocked over by the stench. There’s a powerful stink, but usually smells like that dissipate within a half-hour or so, right? So, I look for any evidence like perhaps she missed the throne or something bizarre, but nothing. I empty the wastebasket, thinking perhaps she’d wiped and thrown it away instead of flushing, spray the lysol and go on about my day.

Another hour later, the boyfriend uses the bathroom and comments on the unpleasant smell. We both investigate, thinking perhaps the child was disturbed and wiped her ass on the shower curtain or rug, but seriously, there’s nothing. Well, except for a sparkling clean bathroom since I’ve now scrubbed everything while looking.

I leave the exhaust fan on, thinking the problem is solved since I can only smell cleaning product fumes, and we go to bed for the night.

In the morning, whaddya know, it still stinks. I notice the air coming from the floor vent reeks more than the room itself, so I pick up the register cover and what do I find but a wadded up poop encrusted pair of girls panties.

WTF!? :eek:

My only guess is she didn’t quite make it, cleaned herself up but realized the underwear was beyond salvaging and wanted to hide the evidence. There was a perfectly good wastebasket right there, and plenty of tissue to wrap them up in, but somehow in her head the vent seemed a more likely place?

I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to say to this girl if she stops by again. She’s not really my son’s friend, I’m not even sure he knows her name, and I certainly don’t want to embarrass her, but great googly moogly that was fucked up.

I think her intention was that no one would ever know about her poop accident (hence the vent rather than the wastebasket). I think mentioning anything to her will mortify her, and I don’t see it accomplishing anything good - at 12, she knows where she is supposed to poop. I think the kindest thing you can do is pretend it never happened.

Hell, yeah.

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.

(Sorry about the smell.)

In about 10 years or so somewhere on a messageboard like this, someone’s gonna start an “Ever Shit Your Pants?” thread and this OP, written from a slightly different perspective, will magically appear.

Poor girl. If she shows up again, don’t mention it. I would, however, ask her if her mother knows where she is - while I’m sure your son and his friends are perfectly nice kids, I don’t think most moms would want their 12 year old daughter hanging out with 15, 16, and 18 year old boys.

It’s good to know I’m not the only one who thinks the only kind thing to do is never mention it to her. I didn’t even tell my son, lest he accidentally tell the other boys or get malicious a year from now or something.

My boyfriend still regrets not having a camera to hand when I came out of the bathroom holding the panties out at arms length, apparently I looked comically incredulous. :eek:

Oh dear. I left just in time, I see. :confused:

This story makes me think about some gross neighbors I once had.

You don’t want to know.

Yeah. Yeah, I do. I know it’s wrong, but I do.

Poor girl. I agree with the consensus not to mention it to her. If you learn more about her situation though, I hope you’ll post it. There really seem to be some red flags waving.

The story made me think of an only slightly less humiliating thing that happened to me when I first started getting my period. I hadn’t started using tampons yet, and in those days we still had the really thick pads. I wrapped my used pads in toilet paper and put them in the trash bin.

We had a standard poodle that loved to show her devotion whenever the family walked through the door by any means possible, including grabbing any object she could find and bringing it to us as a present. She especially liked to do this with my dad.

Yes, you are correctly guessing the end of the story.

I was deeply traumatized.

   I was talking to my mother recently, about the daughter of friends of hers who I haven't seen since childhood. The chat brought up an event from the past. Two sides of the same story came out.
  Fifty some years ago my parents and another couple were going out for the evening which involved us kids sleeping over at the other couple's house with their kids. The babysitter, mentioned daughter, was a late teener. Probably when I learned what a bitch was.
 My little brother wouldn't eat string beans, no how no way. The other mom had prepared a meal that featured them. The babysitter forced my brother to eat them, he couldn't leave the table and join the rest of us 'til he did. Was hours.
 My mother related that a day later her friend found a pair of  crap filled underwear stuffed behind a radiator, knew who they belonged to ( had his name in laundry marker from summer camp ). They never told anyone until now.

Stay mum. Didn’t you feel better to find dirty underwear, instead of just poop down there? :smiley: