A taste of irony

So I’m walking down the street and I pass a restaurant. The lights are off, the walls inside appear to be black. There’s a sign hanging in the middle of the window that says “Closed for repairs/renovations due to FIRE”. Fine, nothing unusual about that, it is a restaurant after all. Then I look up, merely out of curiosity, to see what kind of restaurant it was.

SUSHI! There’s not an open flame in the entire place!

anyway i found it funny

Hmm, I hate to be a spoilsport here, but many sushi places have grills for (I think it’s called) teppan style cooking (where they cook stuff on the grill in front of you) as well as deep fryers (for tempura and agedashi tofu and stuff). So potential for fire there.

Damn you, I now have a major sushi craving. Mmmmm tempura yam…