A technical equipment question.

Dear Technical type person reading this:

Tell me if what I am looking for exists.

Here’s the story. My computer with all the bells and whistles is upstairs in a tiny little closet. Downstairs, all day long are my children, rental child and dog. There is no place for me to have the computer down there without it being an eyesore.
I wandered around Best Buy and CompUSA, feeling like I was in a foriegn country, and saw those little Email Station gizmos for under $150. ( Most were well under $90). This is exactly what I am looking for ( maybe with a bigger screen, but I don’t care) but these don’t have the capacity to do what I want them to do. The size and portability were perfect ( damn, doesn’t that sound like a penis envy issue.)

I cannot afford a lap top and I do not need internet capacity on it. All I want it for is to stick a disc/zip in it that can go from the computer upstairs to the “walkabout”. It would be for story writing, and maybe, Quicken.
Any suggestions ( in plain english, por favor)


looking for a needle in a haystack?

PS: I do own a laptop, circa 1991. An IBM something. It’s windows capatable but only from Laptop to computer, not vice versa as it is not upgradeable and I think Windows 1.1 ( The Beginning) However, the powercord for it has been lost and I cannot find a replacement for it. [channelling Andy Dick] Am I doomed? [/andy dick]

I would buy a used laptop that can run Windows 95. I would then drill holes in all the floors walls, and network the entire house for intenet access and file sharing, but I’m weird.

You could proably find a laptop in the 100mhz range for about $200. It will be slow, but would be fine for typing documents and spreadsheets. The cheapest way to transfer files between the laptop and your good computer would be floppies. That would be plenty of space for text documents.

Those Email things can’t do anything but Email, and Palm Pilot type devices are no good for typing, and are expensive.

For used, outdated computer stuff, try http://www.retrobox.com, or Ebay.

Or, you could buy a Handspring Visor (or a Palm, if you’re the type that likes to waste money on good looks and less performance), combined with a Targus Stowaway Keyboard. A bit more expensive, but very versatile, and you can get rid of your oldfashioned dayplanner as well.

Thanks for the hints. If given the time, I shall hunt for a remanufactered (sp?) notebook.

We got a Mailstation, $99 & $10/month. These are NOT for alaska or hawaii. It has batteries (comes with an ac adapter too), its great, just unplug phone line & take it to any room in the house, put it on your lap, type messages. It does Yahoo news, plus, get this, it also let you do faxes out (not in).

At Office Depot they have it & some other models, one at $50 but it has a tiny keyboard.

Laptops are nice but old ones are going to need new batteries, you could use one with Juno free net & email.