A test poll - please ignore...

I want to test an idea - is it possible to put a link in a poll option? While there may be other ways to find out, I thought I’d just try it and see.

Which was the better swimmer - the Great Seal of England or the Spanish Armadillo?

I think it was the Great Seal of England because in 1588, the Spanish Armadillo sunk to an all-time low…

Interestingly, it will parse links in the poll itself - the trick is that the URL + text must be less than 100 characters.

Holy smokes, you guys, check out this poll!

Wouldn’t the armadillo sink?

I though it was the Spanish Amontillado?

Nonetheless, note that the links in the Poll DO work… Cool. Or Kewl.

I’ll drink to that!

Back in West Texas, I never saw an armadillo swim. Dunno about Spanish ones. So I went for the seal.

Belly up, with a little sail in his paws; he’s like a tiny, speedy Galleon.
Whether you can call that configuration ‘swimming’ is another question entirely.

For the love of god, Montresor!

By the last breath of the four winds that blow, I’ll have revenge upon… Aww, Shit, Dex… You ruined my revenge upon Fortunato…

Am I right that you did it just by using the normal tags? I don’t want to make yet another faux poll to check it out.

Given the aim of the poll, I think you should have given us The Canadian Lynx as an option.

Yes - it coded like
[ URL=“http://www.explore-parliament.net/nssMovies/08/0889/0889_.htm”]The Great Seal of England[ /URL]
[ URL=“http://farm1.static.flickr.com/224/481658217_01fe3d03bf.jpg”]The Spanish Armadillo[ /URL]

(The URL tags were broken by adding a space after the first square brackets.)

The limiting factor is that the total number of characters must equal 100 or less - there were actually two other armadillo images that I tried whose URLs were too long.

So I might actually have a use for URL shorteners. (I don’t Twitter.)

So in the end, I chickened out - I may well use this for other polls in future, but the risk of screwing it up caused me to go with Plan B in the Greatest Mystery Writer poll. With 79 entries, it just would have taken too long and had way too much potential for embarrassing disaster.

As if that ever stopped people around here… :stuck_out_tongue:

The Canadian Lynx look like this - not much potential for swimming, there.

It could’a bin a condendah!

How could you miss the seeing Spanish ones, they’re indigenous to Mexico.

I voted for the armadillo. Did you see that thing? The picture has it standing next to some dude on horseback, and the thing is HUGE! It’s easily 10 feet tall at the shoulder.