A Thorne Smith Story

Back in the late 60s, when I was somewhere around the age of 12, I read an anthology of short stories which included one with a pronounced Thorne Smith “feel” to it. Told in the first person, it was about a woman who was a witch. I believe this was supposed to be part of a tradition which ran in her family for generations. A local businessman–he may have been a banker–discovers her secret and puts pressure on her to show him out to fly. She gives him a magic ointment but “neglects” to mention that the reason witches are traditionally associated with broomsticks is that one needs something with which to anchor yourself and steer. He flits out the window and is never seen again.

I had thought at first that this was included in an Alfred Hitchcock anthology–I read a number of those back then–but my search in that direction has turned up nothing.

Can anyone identify this story for me?