A thread for Rudy {Rudy Giuliani}

At some point Rudy’s going to have to pay somebody.

Including his own bankruptcy lawyers.

May be he’s trying to run out the clock?

So you mean he’s out of Monet?

Press on.

He still has plenty but there is so much price gauguin these days.

Reminds me of David Lindley’s song:

Pay the man
Everybody’s got to pay the man
And before you leave this world
You got to pay the man
Pay the man
Everybody’s got to pay the man
And before you leave this world
You got to paaaaaay the man
Of the senators in the fancy houses
He’s a friend of Babylon
Got a wife and a dog and a cadillac
And people on the run
Got his ways and means and all he needs
To keep him satisfied
But before he leaves this world
He’s got to pay the man

He waits it out, demands only his booze and a studio slum apartment, dies before all the bills come, until we get to the Orange-eulogy at services with, “Rudy was a good guy, I’m told. I never met the man…”

The Gonzo Bronzo ain’t got no time for such things, he’s too busy golfing and ranting on social media.

What can they possibly have that makes him look even worse?

My tired eyes misread this as a “couth-appointed monitor” which also makes sense.

The judge is apparently considering ending the bankruptcy proceedings, which would end the current stays on all the lawsuits against Giuliani. That would also allow him to appeal the verdict against him in the civil suit brought by the two Georgia election workers.


And Rudy is out of bankruptcy and must remain out for one year. Creditors better get to collecting.
I laughed at the remark from the judge (actually reported in Northern Piper’s link) saying that given Rudy’s lack of cooperation so far, a court appointed monitor would be pointless.


I don’t understand how this bankruptcy stuff works, but Rudy has apparently undervalued some personal items.

So how does this work? If the court accepts his valuation, are the items somehow exempt from forfeiture as personal items? Or is the hope that the creditors won’t bother going after such penny-ante stuff?

For example, the Debtor values the following jewelry at a total of $30,000: "costume jewelry; diamond ring; three Yankee World Series rings, two Bulova watches, five Shinola watches, one Tiffany & Co watch, one Seiko watch, one Frank Muller watch, one Graham watch, one Corum watch, one Rolex, two IWC watches, one Invicta watch, two Breitling watches, one Raymond Weil watch, one Baume & Mercier watch, and six unnamed watches.

According to the article, a single Yankee World Series ring could be worth almost $30,000.

Can this approach wind up hurting Rudy, in that the court says he can’t keep them as personal items, but they will be valued at $30k? Because if it weren’t that I want Freeman and Moss to get every penny the SOB owes them, I’d be tempted to see if I can’t buy them for, say, $35,000.

Apparently, Rudy doesn’t know the difference between shit and Shinola.

This previous May, he was fired from his daily one hour program on WABC radio in New York City, for continuing to claim voter fraud in 2020.

Jesus. Twenty-six watches. And apparently not one of them can tell him what time it is (i.e. time to give up).

Can’t the court toss him in the clink until he decides to be more cooperative?

It’s a civil matter and judges are reluctant to use jail in civil matters.

Far more effective to take away the protection of the bankruptcy proceedings. Remember, it was Rudy who started the bankruptcy case to try and get some protections from his creditors.

Now, instead of an orderly approach, with one court case and limits on collections by his creditors, Rudy faces a litigation free-for-all, where every creditor can sue him in separate court proceedings and if successful, start collection proceedings.

Well played, Rudy!

A testament to his keen legal expertise, to be sure.

You wanna buy a watch? I know you ain’t got a watch, because if you had a watch, you’d know it’s nighttime, and nighttime ain’t no time to be in this here neighborhood.

Hah! Now I’m envisioning Rudy skulking around with twenty-six watches pinned to the lining of his overcoat!