A treat for SF readers.

I already linked to this in the “Has the onion jumped the Shark” thread, but I thought this was funny enough to merit it’s own thread.

This is the horoscope for the June, 21, 2056 Onion. People who read alot of SF should get a kick out of the new signs.


High time Bester got some “mainstream” recognition…

You sick right wing freak, you! The last thing we need is more PsiCorps mebers, and making him out to be some kind of hero will only help this.


The PsiCorps provides a valuable benefit by giving “gifted” people a stake in society, providing them a role in the status quo. That way you don’t get underground movements trying to overthrow the existing power structure…

It’s like socializing young men; you get them married, and then they have an stake in ensuring that society continues. You have lots of unmarried young men around, you’ve got an unstable situation.