A tribute to Mighty Taco (or your hometown)

Damn, I’m feeling particularly homesick right about now. More so, after discovering this Web site.


Those transplanted from their home towns … is there something you miss about the place you call “home home” that you can’t find anywhere else in the country or the world? An product that serves as an icon making up part of the region’s religion?

Oh my God, you miss MIGHTY TACO?!?!?!?!? That’s like me missing the smog and the traffic in LA! Holy frick!

Um, not that there’s anything wrong with that, I just have an extremely low opinion of Mighty Taco.

Oh, and elmwood, this one is the one I went to in N.F., never to return again.

People who know how to drive in 1.5 inches of snow. Long Live Buffalo, New York.

I know. I think it’s akin to Chicago residents who miss White Castle. “Dude, White castle workers are rude, belly bombers taste awful, they create the worst farts … it rules!” I don’t get it, either.

elmwood - I miss Mighty Taco too. (sniff)

I have one of the placemats hanging in my cubicle (2001: a spice odyssey; was right around when Stanley Kubrick died).

I used to have an apartment one block off of your namesake. I don’t miss the snow, but God I miss the food.

Just checking in to say that no visit to Buffalo would be complete without a trip to Mighty. Of course, then I have to listen to Mom complain that I’m eating absolutely disgusting fast food instead of the wholesome dinner she prepared.

I’ve never really gotten over the closing of the Mighty on Forest, just off the strip, though. Now I have to get my Mighty in the 'burbs.

When the girlfriends all make a trip home together, we often bring the SOs in tow. However, over the years we’ve learned not to let them eat at Mighty Taco, I think you have to build up an imunity in your misspent youth in order to eat there over the age of 30.

Uggggh…this thread is making me queasy. And yes, elmwood, the White Castle reference is fully justified. I’ve always thought that Mighty Taco was founded by a guy who had vaguely heard of Mexican food, but had never actually seen it. So, Mexican food has spicy sauces? Well, I’ll just take Mom’s red sauce and throw in chili powder! Jalapenos are popular, huh, and some Americans like “jalapeno poppers”? Let’s take a big blob of cheese, add a slice of jalapeno pepper, and deep-fry that sucker! Ground beef? Hey, with that spicy spaghetti sauce, no-one’s going to notice how low-grade the meat is!

We used to go to the Mighty Taco in Hamburg (Bell’s Plaza, what is it called now, how soon we forget) once in a while when we were too lazy to cook.

Give me my real New Mexican red and green any day.

MIGHTY TACO!!! Oh, I miss Mighty Taco! Mighty Packs! Empanadas. I do not miss Loganberry though. It is gross. I also miss Java Temple. It is gone now. I can’t go there when we visit. Gee, thanks Heidi. I’m taking it personally. Well, not really. But I miss it.:frowning:

God I miss Aunt Rosie’s Loganberry. I had forgotten. snif