A Turkey Named Dawg by Lloyd Pye

A Turkey Named Dawg by Lloyd Pye
I’ve always loved this story. The story is older than the 2007 copyright on the link would imply, but it wasn’t online for ages. I found it again so can link it for you to enjoy. The other stories are good too. Be sure to read Oscar The Hog Riding Monkey.

Let me know if you enjoyed the stories.

Long live Dawg.

Thanks for the link, I can always use a good read on a slow Friday afternoon. I did like the stories you mentioned. I didn’t care so much for the poem or Reflections, haven’t gotten to Portuguese Bullfighting yet.

It’s nice to know at least two other people now like Dawg.

Dawg was meant to be a Thanksgiving dinner, by the farmer that gave them the turkeys to raise. Nobody expected Dawg to rule the farm dog pack. Read this for your Thanksgiving holiday and share it with family.