A typical debate with the idiot jodih

Poster: You know what? I don’t know who could not enjoy watching a beautiful sunset on the beach.

jodih: What are you talking about? I hate it when people say that EVERYONE has to like a sunset. I mean, you know, I like sun rises. And I know A LOT OF PEOPLE who like sun rises. I really thought you were open-minded than this.

Poster: Well, what I meant by my post was that sunsets are great. I don’t know how you got the idea that I meant that ALL people have to think sunsets are great. I mean, it’s a figure of speech.

jodih: I really don’t get your point. First you say that EVERYONE has to like sunsets, now you say “figure of speech.” What does a figure of speech have to do with a sunset? I think you really should think these things out before you post.

Poster: What I was saying is that I used a figure of speech - that I don’t know how anyone could not enjoy something, kinda like saying, “I don’t know how anyone could not like chcolate”. I used this figure of speech to tell of my own love of sunsets. To be honest, sunrises are fine too, but that’s really not what I was getting at in the OP.

jodih: So what is it, sunrises or sunsets? And WHY are you continuing to force sunsets upon me and everyone I know? I happen to know a lot of people who do not even like the sun, so I really don’t know what you’re getting at. And I also know a LOT of people who HATE chocolate. Why are you pushing chocolate on me and my friends? Your stereotypical ways are really sad…

poster: Wha… Huh? Where did this come from? I was talking about chocolate as an example of my figure of speech. I guess that, sure, some people might not like sunsets and sun rises, but if you read above, you will not see me saying that everyone HAS to like ANYTHING! Hey, Polycarp, what is she trying to get at?

jodih: Why are you talking behind my back to Polycarp? I think that is rude. It’s bad enough that you demand that everyone has to like a sunset just because you do, but now you talk behind my back. Well I HOPE ALL OF YOUR CHOCOLATE MELTS IN YOUR PRECIOUS SUNSET! How about that!?!

poster: Okay. Here’s the deal. Nowhere in my OP did I say that EVERYONE had to love sunsets. Please read the post. I said it is an enjoyable thing, a sunset, but I never specifically said that EVERYONE HAS to feel this way. Why are you accusing me of this?

jodih: Look, poster. It is obvious that you think that everytone should think like a few token sunset-worshippers. Well, I happen to disagree. Can’t we just disagree? I think you’re just too stubborn… I don’t understand the OP the way you worded it anyway.

Poster: We aren’t just disagreeing. You don’t understand. I never said anything about demanding other people TO DO ANYTHING! Can’t you read? Nowhere did I say ANYTHING about this!

jodih: I really don’t see your point. Oh, and not everyone likes chocolate, you know…

At this point, Poster gives up EVER trying to converse with the idiot known as jodih without the benefit of an English-to-Moron, Moron-to-English dictionary around, a fifth of Jack and a lot of quaaludes.

For those who don’t know what the Hell I’m talking about, go to http://www.straightdope.com/ubb/Forum7/HTML/000461.html andcheck out this piece of… work…

Yer pal,

Well I DO have a moron-to english dictionary, a handful of 'ludes and a fifth of Absolut (maybe it’s not strong enough)… and I’m still not sure where she’s going with any of what she’s saying. Allow me a few observations:

She’s an attorney. Probably not an overworked one, at that. She can’t seem to get enough arguing in the courts, so she’ll do it here. Reminds me of “The Wookie Defense” on SouthPark

She’ll probably have a heart attack if people don’t start (uh, maybe that should say stop?) playing her game.

She’s not unlike the class clown/smartass. She’ll always have something contradictory to argue or say. And, like the class clown, she craves ATTENTION. If she is ignored, maybe she’ll go away- I know my rash did :slight_smile: On the other hand, if she’s NOT ignored, her practice will go down the tubes, she’ll be even more pissed off, and she’ll have that much more time to bother us. Just a little food for thought.



She did what a good lawyer is supposed to do.
She changed the subject. She hardly spent any time on the OP. Most of her energies were devoted to how the debate should be conducted.

It’s an old dodge. Lots of verbiage, little substance.

Never worked for me. That’s why I post short.

Trust me.

Jodih once told me:

How anyone in their right mind would argue with her is a glutton for punishment.


< stands up on soapbox > FTR, not all non-fundaloony Christians are like her!!! ACK!
< gets off soapbox >

Great…first I had to defend myself against the fundaloonies, now against the random argumenters…hmm…atheism ain’t looking so bad after all…

Falcon: Well, we do have the hottest chicks and the best drugs and liquor.

Flick Lives!

Hey, let’s be honest here. This is a more accurate re-telling:

Satan: Here’s the latest idiocy spouted by a fundie Christian! He makes ALL Christians look like idiots!

Jodi: Why does that follow? If you know Christians who are not idiots, why would the words of one idiot make us all look like idiots?

I’m still waiting for an answer to that, BTW Satan – oh, wait, you gave me one, I remember – “Because it does.” That hasn’t become any less lame through the passage of time. The funny thing is, as I posted in the original thread, I didn’t even intend my comment/clarification to be an attack on anyone and certainly not on you. But you’ll take it as you take it, apparently.

ENGINEERBOY – Do I KNOW you?? Because you’re not ringing any bells with me. It seems to me that the definition of someone with too much time on their hands is an individual who jumps in to beat up someone they’ve never personally had any dealings with whatsoever.

WALLY says:

I find this surpassingly ironic, since the catylist for the entire dust-up was a post of David’s that had nothing whatsoever to do with the thread and instead dissed me for how, in his opinion, I should conduct myself. Did I have a problem with that? Damn right.

THEREALBUBBA – I took issue with the wording of your post, several people backed me up, and you backed right down off of it, admitting it could have been posted better. Yet you apparently STILL have a problem with me – although, apparently like David, you neglected to deal with it then.

Waste -

But wait, what about having the hottest GUYS? (I’m a girl, remember? Damn, I’m almost as bad as Auraseer in having people not remember what gender I am…)

As Falcon pointed out, YOU make all Christians look like idiots.

At the risk of damning my eternal soul,

::Satan gleefully rubs hand together::

I must say I pissed myself reading the thread. jodih cracked me up!

::Perking up, jodih thinks-“A convert?”::

I thought jodih was just messing w/poster’s head. And I thought poster was amazingly tolerant.

In retrospect, after perusing jodih’s follow-up post, I think she’s just fucked up. And if she can’t handle sunrises, sunsets or chocolate, she ought to be summarily martyred and her head stuck on a pike in New Jersey to greet the sun each morning. I’d personally decorate her decomposing body with Hershey kisses, enticing seagulls to nibble at her lifeless, decomposing corpse.

I don’t know jodih, but I’ll side w/Satan on this one.

::Satan – Another devotee::
::jodih – JEE-sus CHRIST!!::

::ChiefScott – drawing chalk pentagram on deck::

Mother Mary in a pumpkin patch . . .
psycho fundies make all christians look bad to non-christians. That is the truth, Jodi.

Perhaps another analogy? Some women like to shop. Various media emphasize this, making it appear that more women are obsessed with shopping than actually are.

Some men like football. But what we see in the entertainment and news media is the stereotype that all men like to drink beer and stick their hands down their pants while watching the Razorbacks whup ass on ESPN. So, men appear that way. Of course it’s not true.

Some Christians are headcases. Not all. BUT, the media show us clinic bombings, Buchannan presidential bids, Chick tracts, abolition of evolution education (ooh, try that one 3 times fast)**, etc., etc.

Why? Because the fundies and whackos have spent more money and time pushing their message than the moderates (because, of course, they’re moderate).

Therefore, to many people it APPEARS as though more christians are complete drooling psychotics than is actually true.**

How’s that? Does Satan’s OP over in the other thread make more sense now?


“Listen Children Eternal Father Eternally One!” Exceptions? None!
-Doc Bronner

jodih, you’ve spent several hours of your life on three different threads taking me to task not for what I say, but for how I say it; and injecting yourself into an exchange between me and another poster, which had nothing to do with you, questioning my honesty and sincerity.

Wasn’t there a certain itinerant preacher who placed a great emphasis on reaping what one sows, and knowing others by their fruits? Seems to me you just got it back in spades. Doesn’t make you too happy, does it?

You know, if 100 people tell me I’m drunk, I go lie down. If 100 people tell me I’m a horse, I get a saddle. I, and then Satan, and now David, have taken issue with the way you treat people, the way you address them, your seemingly willful miscomprehension, and your outright inability to concede a point. Maybe there’s something to it, huh?

“I love God! He’s so deliciously evil!” - Stewie Griffin, Family Guy

My first post in the pit, so I’m not sure if ‘fairness’ has anything to do with it.

It should probably be pointed out that, AFAIK, Satan’s OP was a fictitious thread he invented to provide his view of what it is like trying to argue with Jodih, partially from the ongoing debate in GD over a post Satan made, for which he provided the link. Again, AFAIK, it was not an actual thread, which seems to be implied by some of the responses (but not by Satan’s OP).

I don’t even know why I am posting, maybe because I think that if the underdog loses and deserves to lose, it should at least be done fairly, and not just because they were the underdog.

Maybe jodih is really arg in disguise!

If you can read this,youre too close.

Falcon-A thousand pardons. . .We also have the hottest guys, the fastest cars, and we sleep in on Sundays.

And yeah, I really did think you were male. Once again, I apologize.

Flick Lives!

ANDROS asks “Does Satan’s OP over in the other thread make more sense now?”

It always made sense, andros; I didn’t misunderstand it, I was simply trying to point out that it stated a gross over-generalization that even Satan knew was not really true. Since he took my post as a personal attack upon him, I’ll address you’re rephrasing of it, in the hope that you won’t think I’m personally attacking you.

No, it’s a half-truth, which is my point. Psycho fundies make Christians look bad to people who don’t know that Christians are not what the psycho-fundies say, or at least are not just what the psycho-fundies say. Why would the spouting of one Christian idiot (or nine, or nine-hundred) make ALL (Satan’s term, not mine) Christians look bad to a person who personally knows several Christians who disagree vehemently with the psycho-fundie in question.


Satan did not say “the media’s focus on psycho-fundies, to the exclusion of reasonable Christians, make all Christians look like idiots to people who don’t know better.” I could hardly have taken issue with him – even to the limited extent that I did – if he had. He said “what this guy says makes ALL of you look like idiots.” For the millionth time, why?

Again, Satan was not, so far as I could tell from his post, decrying the biased media portrayal of Christians – which I myself noted, if you read all my posts. He was saying, essentially, “this guy’s an idiot” (which I agree with), and “he makes you ALL look like idiots.” Assuming that a person knows all Christians are not like that, why would he make all of us look like idiots?

Satan said we ALL appear to be “mind-melded zealots,” based upon the words of ONE.

Again, if Satan’s original point was that the media shows the worst/stupidest of Christianity, I’ll frankly admit that I missed that. What I read was: “He’s an idiot; he makes you all look like idiots.” And, again, I wasn’t even insulted by that; I was just trying to point out that it doesn’t necessarily follow.

I absolutely agree, and have said as much.

Which would be correct for people who didn’t know better – for people who don’t generally have exposure to Christians who are not “drooling psychotics.” But – again – if I know several Muslims who are reasonable people, and then I post an extremist position that really cannot be supported (“Allah says ‘death to all women!’”), and then say: “This makes ALL Muslims look like idiots,” I might reasonably expect one of my Muslim acquaintances to say “Wait a minute – ALL of us? Why ALL of us?” That is the point – the only point – I was ever trying to make.

Quite all right, Waste…I’m used to it by now…and you have hot guys, fast cars, and sleep in? I’m THERE!

(Hmm…maybe Auraseer and I should change screennames…that way people wouldn’t get confused!)

Yes, he did. And it’s true. You do all APPEAR to be zealots. When someone gets up and says “I represent Christianity, and you are going to hell,” it turns me right off. Because I see so many idiots around, I begin to wonder if my christian friends may not be as stable as they appear. I worry and I wonder. Not all pit bulls are killers. But I sure don’t read about the nice ones enough to want to meet one in a dark alley.

It’s up to the moderates to counteract opinion. It looks to me like you’re nitpicking so you can continue to sit on your ass. You don’t actually have to convince anyone, oh no. Because if they’re intelligent they’ll just know automatically that the nuts aren’t representative. WRONG, WRONG, and WRONG again.

Wake up and smell what you’re shovelling.

And, btw, what could I have been thinking when you wrote:

I didn’t take
the original post as a “personal slam;” I just didn’t understand it, and I still don’t.**

Did you understand his post or not?


“Listen Children Eternal Father Eternally One!” Exceptions? None!
-Doc Bronner

I am with spoons on this…I dont know jodih from a hole in the ground, and while she obviouslt splits hairs, and beats a point into the ground, so what? Jeepers, Con #3, David B…so many others do too.

She is a lawyer for petes sake! What else is she supposed to do? This is like asking wally not to flirt, or satan not to be a smartass, or unclebeer not to be well…unclebeer.

Lay off, you neanderthals…you are making athiests/agnostics/non christians look…
nevermind, just kidding.

GLWasteful wrote, regarding Atheism:

Nonsense. Everybody knows the hottest chicks are girls fresh out of Catholic high school. If you’d just spent three years forbidden from so much as looking at boys, you’d be a pretty hot chick yourself when you got out!

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