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You do not have to put “Poll:” at the start of your thread title when creating a poll - the software does that for you. If you do put “Poll:” at the start, your thread title will read “Poll: Poll:”.

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PSAs are not all that reliable a way to screen for prostate cancer either. Discuss with your doctor whether such a test is really right for you.

Otherwise, I agree with the OP’s statement here.

Look - the words “pole” and “prostate” shouldn’t be in the same post.
Just sayin’.

P.S.A.! P.S.A.! P.S.A.!

Gooooooooooooooooo Dopers!

I think it’s high time someone gave a tip of the hat to the Pacific Sociological Association, and all the good work they do over there. Kudos!

But what if it’s a poll about polls?

You do not have to put “That is all” at the end of your post when ending a post - the fact that that is all does that for you.

If you do put “That is all” at the end, your post will read “That is all”, and that will be all.
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Huh. And I always thought you were just purring with contentment.

Beats hell out of “pole” and “prostrate”.

Or a poll about poles? Or Poles?

It’s “prostate.” I’d be lyin’ if I said I didn’t mind the difference.

How about a poll on poling Polish prostates while prostrate?


Well, there ya go. I was mentioning how the one spelling meant something vastly different (and would have been vastly different still, if I had based the bad pun on the “vas defferens” (and spelling is vastly attrocious, according to spell-check, look, another bad pun.). I think, in this case, we should ‘let sleeping dogs lie’, but only if they are not doing that 'in a “biblical sense”, so we don’t wind up with a litter of puppies neither of us wants. Shoot the dog, instead, I say!!! :smiley:

I first typed that smilie as :ED. Ummm I’m suffering from “Erectile Disfuntion”, here? No, Only “Typing Disfunction”, which can sometimes lead to even worse socially disfunctional results. :D:D:D:(

Say this three times quickly:

Paul the pro poles prostrate Poles’ prostates.

I can’t do it once.

That wasn’t too hard…


False positives or negatives ? I haven’t had a digital exam in 15 years.

Both. But mainly a problem because they’re quite often a true positive for cancers which are really slow-growing and would never bother the patient a bit before they eventually died of something else years or decades later, but since they were picked up on PSA screening, result in invasive surgery, radiation and chemo because they were found in the first place. At present, it’s believed that the way we screen for prostate cancer in the US results in overall reduction of life rather than extension of it. Of course for the individual who has an aggressive prostate cancer caught and cured early it’s wonderful, but it appears they’re quite outnumbered by the folks for whom the cure is worse than the disease.

It’s a complex issue without easy screening solutions.

I had a physical exam a few months ago and received my first ever digital exam; the doc said PSAs are not as reliable as once thought. He said that before this recent data, he thought he had done is his last digital exam.