A very quiet question about Pregnancy

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ok. Let’s talk about the very first signs of pregnancy…like, even before you miss your period. I’m fairly confident that I was ovulating a few days ago…and I am thoroughly confident that I was gettin’ busy. IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.

Now, starting the day after that and ever since, I have had NON-STOP headaches. Like dizzy, pounding headaches. And this is without changing my diet or activity or anything. (I wasn’t even drunk during Chidope, so it’s not an extended hangover)

I guess my question is…are there symptoms of “egg implantation”…

or am I just wishful thinking.

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(If you truly just ovulated a few days ago, and if by any chance 1+1 does equal 1, I doubt what you’re feeling is related. IIRC, it generally takes the egg a couple of weeks to travel down the tube before there’s any chance of implantation.)

Some women expeirence implantation bleeding a few days after they concieve. The biggest signs I’ve ever had to indicate my pregnancies were tender breasts and I felt very tired, I could never catch up on sleep and I also got headaches, but I think that’s because I was so tired. All that was before my period was due.

Good luck, whatever happens.

Weeks! Holy smokes. I really don’t know anything about my own body.

I thought it took three days. I’m going to go enroll in Biology 101.

A quick search revealed the following:

Here, we learn that implantation bleeding can occur 8 days after ovulation.

We can also read all about the top ten signs of pregnancy. Fortunately, headache does not seem to be one of them.

Really though, it’s all a matter of the individual. YMMV. So… maybe. Give it a few weeks and see.

I started to feel the breast tenderness and exhaustion about 1 week after conceiving. For me it felt like Mega PMS.

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My mom tells me that before she found out she was pregnant, she noticed herself being sleepy all the time.

Of course, I know this çause she mentioned it when I was in a month where I was always tired and sleeping all the time. :rolleyes:

[sub]Good luck![/sub]

How interesting. According to pregnancy.about.com, one of the ‘symptoms’ is ‘a feeling that you’re pregnant’.

Just the sort of thing a hypochondriac chick needs to hear.

This is day three of unending headaches though…I don’t get it. Oh well. I’ll let you know in two weeks. :slight_smile:

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Oh, I thought you were just implying that I shouldn’t be reproducing :wink:


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I always thought headaches were a means of preventing pregnancy. :wink:

sore boobs.

I jogged across the street, felt pain, thought “whatthehell” and then looked at the calendar, so it was w/in 2 weeks or so of conception.

Perhaps a move away from the headboard of the bed is in order?

I’ve never heard of headaches being one of the symptoms of pregnancy, but then again, this tends to vary wildly by individual. Mom says that she never “felt pregnant” at all until the baby started to move. One of my friends told me that when she was pregnant, her first sign was that she kept dropping glasses on the floor and had a heightened sense of smell. As for me, I just felt like I was about to get my period – I was extremely irritable and cranky with everybody, and my boobs were very tender and achy.

There’s no real way to tell for sure until you’re far enough along (or not) to test positive on a home pregnancy test. Keep us updated, eh?

When I was pregnant with my second son, before I had missed my period, I was very thirsty all the time. I felt as if I was drinking (and peeing) constantly. We were on vacation at the time, and I remember thinking “I’m going to have to get tested for diabetes as soon as we get home.” I tested for pregnancy instead, and won.

[whispers quietly]Good luck![/whispers quietly]

Almost immediately, my wife develops the ability to pee 116 times per day and what I call “super nose”, ie: the ability to smell a wet sock in two layers of plastic on the other side of the house.

YMMV - good luck.

Varies from woman to woman and from pregnancy to pregnancy.

With our first kid, we knew nothing until she missed a period. with subsequent ones, she began having morning sickness almost immediately. In fact, it was kind of funny - the first time we saw Look Who’s Talking, we were laughing about the non-reality of Kirstie Alley vomiting (almost) immediately after fertilization, and later, we found out how true that could be…

Another vote for breast tenderness. My wife and I had been trying for several months, including charting ovulation, when she concieved. Within a week and a half, she was experiencing a “heavy” and “weird” feeling in her breasts.