A vote for Jack the Ripper

You can’t vote for Jack.

  1. He’s not an American Citizen.
  2. He’s dead.
    You should really determine his ideas on HMOs and kidney transplants before you make up your mind.

Well, your first point is well taken but the people of the fine state of Missouri had no difficulty in electing a dead man to the Senate and we all know that’s just a stepping stone to the presidency, especially if you’re a senator from New York. :slight_smile:

(Too cool! Somebody actually responded to something I posted!!)

And the kidney transplant issue is what, chopped liver?

He might have been a U.S. (or Nigerian or Danish or Mongolian or Peruvian) citizen, for all anyone knows, really. When he wasn’t being a local butcher or a loopier than usual member of the royal family, that is. Perhaps he was a US. citizen, went to London for some unknown reason, took up murdering as a hobby, went back to the States, lived a happy family life in respectable obscurity.

So, the validity of your objections is disintegrating. Plus, Jack the Ripper has probably starred in more films than Ronald Reagan. And quite a lady-killer (couln’t resist) And lots of people have heard of him.
After all, your objections here are purely rational - how far do you think that will get you in politics? :slight_smile:

Ms. Momcat made a comment that reactions to caused the thread to be locked by the powers that be.
We have set politics aside and are beginning a humorous dialogue.
Don’t push it.

Actually he very probably died soon after the last murder. That’s the only way a serial killer stops.

And come on, I get points for the liver transplant gig.

"Gentlemen. Here is a part of your butterfly ballot. I ate the other half. It was delicious! Your’s in Dade County,

-Jack the Ripper."

Please. Every good Star Trek nerd knows hi sspirit passed out into space until it possessed Scotty.

Get a life, Rejak.