A vote thread for people sick of politics.

Inspired by Sampiro’s 24 hour fast, I’ll give Dopers something besides politics to vote on:

In my cubicle at work I have 7 Redskin Cheerleader calendars, from 2002 to the present. I hang them all up because they’re all signed to me, and I’ve got nowhere better to hang them. I keep them all on the same month, that is, they’re all still set to October.

The reason is this: Historically, the November girls on the calendar seem to be, well, not very hot. October? Fine month. December? Yeah baby! But November is weak. The pictures seem to be bad, or they didn’t pick the really hot chicks for that month, or they just don’t tickle my fancy. So I’ve been mulling over the idea of leaving October up for another month. I’ll leave it up to the Dope:

Change the calendars to November, or leave them on October?

Your vote counts!

Cheerleader calendars have days of the week and month on them? That must be new. Even so, there’s other ways to track November.

Leave them on October: 1

Switch to December halfway through this month.

I’m splitting my ticket. Switch the 2008 calendar to November, leave the rest on October.

You’ll appreciate the December girls more if you’ve been looking at November for a while. Change 'em.

I’d have to see the pictures to judge that choice.

Wait, we’re supposed to vote on this?:dubious::smiley:

You may not want to deface the calendars, but I would tear out the Nov-pic/Oct-month page so the old Oct pic sticks around for another 30 days while you still have the Nov-month grid in front of you.

Roosh - October girls are:

I can’t find pictures for the others because they’re no longer on the squad.

November girls are:

And the same goes for the rest, that is, no longer on the squad and can’t find pictures.

So you can at least look at 3 for each.

Change all calendars to November/Tiffany without further delay.

The woman deserves a wider appreciation.

Your November girls look look the same to me as your October girls. I vote for change.

After seeing the pictures, I vote to go ahead and put it on November.

November girls deserve some love too, change is good.

So far we have:

Change: 5

Keep: 1

Split Ticket: 2

Insanity: 1 (Cut up my signed calendars? That’s crazy talk!)

Change! Those November girls ain’t bad at all!

Take it down altogether, it’s a hostile work environment: 1

I just can’t understand people who vote for October.

The October Girl has presided over an unprecendented period of financial turmoil in the US, and what has she done about it? Nothing, that’s what. Plus, the wars against terror and drugs have run up a blind alley, relations with Russia are back to Cold War status, and the Redskins got beat 19-17 by the St. Louis Rams.

You are voting for yesterday’s girl, a female who has been tested and found wanting in all spheres of public endeavour. After 31 days of hurt and disappointment you need a change. Enough is enough. Give November a chance, especially if it’s Tiffany.

Vote for change.

You know it makes sense.

So the final results are:

Change: 6

Keep: 1

Split Ticket: 2

Insanity: 2 (Hostile work environment? A hostile work environment would be tapestry size prints of the Hustler Lingerie Special. I’m pretty sure the calendars are harmless.)

So, the ladies were changed this morning. Tiffany thanks you Chez.

You can be pretty sure of it but others may beg to differ. I’m still struggling with a co-worker having a Chippendales poster in her cube. You’re right, most of the time I avoid going back there, but business may demand that I have to. It sucks.

Maybe in your office. In mine, the only female is the sister of a Redskins cheerleader, and she’s the one who gets us the autographed calendars. That said, I know where you’re coming from.