A Warm Welcome For Our Newest Member Please

Yay Wildcat! Glad to have a new face around here. And hey, you can give us dirt on Zenster, so that’s even better.

Did somebody mention a band? Well, I can’t help with that, but I’ll play piano for ya! <Sits down and belts out rendition of “Mas Que Nada” on the keys>

And as for the chocolate rule, I don’t have over 500, but…er…I’m exempt. Yeah. I get chocolate too. I’m just that cool. Yeah. Ask anybody, really!

Welcome to the SDMB. My band will be right over, although fitting into a hospital room may be tough… Good luck with your hand.


As a relative newbie meself (I’m 1/2 way to the box of chocolates :slight_smile: ), I welcome you to a way kewl board.

How’s the hand?? I hope all will be well and what ever problem existed before is now gone.

Sit back, relax and enjoy our community.



Welcome aboard! Sorry about the hand, wildcat. My right hand <surgery in Aug,'99> aches in sympathy for you. I hope you heal quickly and are able to post as prodigiously as our buddy Zenster does.

So, is there room in the corner of your hospital room for a game of Naked Twister? :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Hope you feel better soon!

PS: Don’t forget the truffles. Looking forward to your tribute. <said with tongue in cheek> :slight_smile:

Welcome. The boards are fun. As far as painkillers, I have some Tylenol 3. It’s tylenol laced with codine. It’s some STRONG stuff. Teehee!

hmmmm one wants dirt on Zen?
does he need a shower i.d help out there
i have to say thank you again ever so much for the get well wishes.
i’ve taken several generic percoset which has helped me to sleep
however a nice cozy person would do much better,
how do you make those cool colorful smileys ???:slight_smile:

Click here.

Welcome cvwildcat. Always glad to see another addition to the feline ranks on SDMB (well, cats do multiply quickly) :wink:

Hope your hand gets better soon, too.