A Warm Welcome For Our Newest Member Please

Please welcome my friend CVWildcat from the Pacific Northwest. Let’s all rally around the hospital bed because she is recovering from hand surgery.

What we need are massive amounts of hugs, painkillers and some good old comfort food. Calling all dopers!

::waves and silently offers Vicodin::

Oh, my sweetheart!

I send you my love, and my prayers that your surgery will accomplish what it was supposed to.

I know that many people on this board feel that when someone says they are going to pray for you, they are just spouting off and trying to look-I don’t know,-noble or something.

Rest assured, when I say I am gonna pray, I PRAY! Not that I am of the opinion that God should listen to me for some reason, but I believe that God listens to prayer. So, welcome aboard here on the boards, and may you be healthy!

Welcome, Friend of Zenster!

I hope he has a recipe for quick hand-healing in his bag of tricks.

This place is fun and addictive, so make sure you take care of your hands. You are going to need them!

Welcome CVWildcat! And good luck on your hand surgery recovery (had a severed nerve in my right hand resected a few years ago myself so you have all my sympathies). Hears to quick healing so you can be on the boards to contribute to Zenster’s recipe thread.


D’oh. Here’s.

Hi, CVWildcat. Any friend of Zenster’s is probably pretty damn strange…er, a friend of ours.

Good luck and a speedy recovery with your hand.

Greetings! Look forward to seeing your posts. :slight_smile:

What a swell gang of folks to have around. Yeah, you too MysterEks! You call me strange? That’s, “Strange as a snake’s suspenders”, to you Herr Eks!

Thanx for all the tranx kiddos, now all we need is for Spider Woman to show up with an eight appendage hug for four times the fun. No problem about the comfort food, my friend has already visited my recipe thread.

We managed a post every ten minutes for our newbie!

::high fives the assemblege::


Zenster is a pretty cool guy. I will welcome any friend of his. I hope your hand is feeling much better soon. See you around the boards!


Ahhhh, CV. Now that you have joined us, there is the little matter of tribute. It is really rather simple; Any member who has been here over a year with greater than 500 posts, gets two truffles. Any member here who has been on the boards less than a year, but has over 1500 posts, also gets two truffles. Members who have been here over a year and have more than 1500 posts, are elders, and they get a chocolate assortment. Moderators get the finest assortment of chocolates, as well as a pound of pure belgian chocolate.

See, it is simple, easy, and shouldn’t cost you too much. But, after all, what is a heirarchy without proper tributes.

Welcome aboard the board.

And where may I ask is the band? A proper introduction demands fanfare!

Welcome to the Somewhat Deviant Message board…

I gotta bottle of Beam and time to have some. This one’s for you.

Luck with the hand.

My friend CV is a little shy. Actually, she just can’t figure out how to post a reply yet. I’ve been telling her to click on the blue bar where it says “Post Reply”. She’ll get it soon and drop in with a post to this thread. In the meantime, I would like to thank all of you for making her feel so welcome.


PS: Spidey, thanks for dropping in with the octuple hug.

Felicitations, CV. Here’s hoping you’re recovery is swift–any friend of Zen’s is a friend of mine.

Cripes. Damn my misspellings. Take your pick:

Here’s hoping your recovery is swift.
Here’s hoping you’re recovering swiftly.

Bon jour! Ca va?

So, am I gonna have to be the one to ask about the hand?

Wow I never have had so many get well wishes in a long time HEY ZEN ~~~~ found the REPLY haha

it’s been achin today so tht Tylenol aint helpin so might resort to themdrgs but everyone here sure helped me
I shall enjoy coming to this site to talk to all.
Carrie aka wildcat

How is your hand? Are you allowed to take ibuprofen or naproxen sodium for pain? They help me.

Hope you are feeling better soon.



Tylenol. Bah! Skip the Vicodan and Percodan, too. Go straight for Demerol.

Welcome to the board.