A white goatee

Is there any way I can safely bleach my goatee white? I don’t mean blond, I mean pure white. It’s currently gray, and from a distance it just blends in with my skin. I don’t know what would be safe to use around my mouth and nose.

I don’t know what to use, but professional wrestlers do it all the time.

Thinking it over, that may not be a guarantee of safety either. But the bleached blond wrestlers often went totally white, without additional coloring.

Don’t use Liquid Paper. I’ve heard it’s carcinogenic.

Buck up and enter the lions’ den: consult with the professionals at the hair salon down the street.


You know the term “little blue-haired old ladies?” Comes from unskilled attempts at adding just enough blue dying to gray hair to get it white. Ask a professional, you don’t want to be some kind of anti-smurf.

I’ve been anti-smurf for decades. You don’t have to be blue!