A world record for bureaucratic rationalization!

Canada Post has announced that it will soon be stopping home mail delivery. Instead, all mail to residential addresses in Canada will have to be picked up at designated, “centralized” locations.

Personally, given that I seldom receive anything but bills and junk mail anyway, I don’t really care that home delivery will soon become a thing of the past. Many of my countrymen/women are, however, quiet irate about the notion and, not surprisingly, Canada Post and its managers are weathering quite the storm of pissed offness.

With the above as background, I will say that only a government bureaucrat could ever come up with a post facto rationalization to support cessation of home mail delivery as this guy did:

Oh I see. I get it now - Canada Post is just doing its part to maintain the fitness and health of our senior citizens. That, for sure. And, while they were at it, also trying to improve its ‘customer satisfaction’ scores. What an utter ass! Can he possibly have thought for a second about how such a comment would be received? Could he possibly have even thought?

Now, for those of you whose knowledge of Canadian climate comes only from grade school text books showing snow and ice, and ice and snow (and a few cozy igloos), that’s exactly right - snow and ice. And, ice and snow. Well, at least that’s the way it is for nine months of the year. The other three months, though, are toasty - around 90 degrees and humid - and serve to thaw the population (or, at least, those who survived the winter).

Now picture grandma, using her walker of course, to expertly pick her way through all that snow and ice, as she goes to pick up the mail. Be sure to picture her taking deep, invigorating breaths of that good old Canadian fresh air, eh?

Hey, the Canada Post CEO used a post facto rationalization. I can only hope that he will soon be ex post facteur.

Shows how out-of-touch I am - this is the first I’m hearing about the proposed changes.

From the link.

We know where the display department was located. :smiley:

He handled that pretty poorly, the lose your job kind of poorly. I live in Texas but clearly understand that no one(sane) wants to take a stroll for their mail in wintery Canada.

Two things I enjoyed immensely

This quote from the CFIB guy

And that it took me a hot minute to know for sure that this guy was not somehow involved.



They’re going to have to stick them on every other block in my neighbourhood. I have no idea how that saves anything for anyone.

There are neighborhoods in Sacramento with large (5’x6’) gang mailboxes on pedestals alongside the curb.
These were built mid-80’s.
Don’t know if any others have been erected since.

Otherwise, this is a feature generally limited to large apartment complexes, not SFD’s

Which caused much confusion on the CEO’s part, for he had personally seen to it that an official notice of cessation of service be mailed to every household.

It’s quicker to make one stop and fill 30-50 (or whatever) boxes rather than walk to each house.

So you either cut back daily hours or a larger territory can be covered by each carrier.

Because that is the Canadian way. Somehow, you people come up short on the righteous indignation, you are just too damn polite.

So just to add some perspective, this won’t impact most Canadian households because most of them already receive their mail in centralized locations. Only a limited number of houses still get door to door delivery. All new neighborhoods built in the last 20+ years use the centralized boxes and quite honestly they’re awesome. I currently get door delivery and I spend way more time going to the post office to pick up packages than I ever did walking the few feet to the central bank of boxes to pick up mail at our prior home.

It has just now come to the point where it’s cheaper to retrofit the existing neighborhoods than it is to continue to provide them with door to door service. The only way this will negatively impact anyone is if they’re completely housebound, I can’t find the standards but in my experience the boxes are always within a 2 block walk from your front door. You’ll have to actually get dressed to go and get your mail but it’s not like it’s a trek. This is a bad time of year to announce it but the reality is Canada Post has been directed to be self supporting. We’re not willing to supplement the services with our tax dollars so they need to make their income meet their debts.

Pretty tame in the world of bureaucratic rationalizations. How does this beat Coca-Cola changing their formula?

Eh, you’re basically American by now. Congratulations, and don’t forget to draw a prize from the Gun Bag.

Did nobody like my ex post [del]facto[/del] facteur ‘joke’ - really, how can you ignore a trilingual pun? I thought you’d love it.

I remember a good bureaucratic excuse - well, not from a bureaucrat, but from an oil company trying to defeat bureaucrats.

An oil company exec once said drilling for oil in nature reserves is good because it cleans all that nasty oil out.

Very nice. :slight_smile:
I loved the rationalization from the Canada Post CEO - it actually did make me laugh out loud. Yes, that’s exactly the point - seniors want more fresh air and exercise, so we’re taking their home mail delivery away. We’re also going to have a postperson hanging from the back of the truck with their mail, making them run after the truck to get it. :smiley:

I walk outside all the time, all winter long. :frowning:

He’s also talking about raising postage rates to a dollar. I don’t know what the current rate is in Canada, but that’s about twice the current US rate.

And am I the only one who is amused that his name is Deepak Chopra?

A standard letter up to 30g is currently $0.63 (~0.59 USD). With this increase, the same letter will cost almost as much as it currently does to send it to the USA.

Link: http://www.canadapost.ca/cpo/mc/personal/productsservices/send/postagestamps.jsf

So a Canadian 1 dollar stamp would equal about 93 U.S. cents, which is double the U.S. first class postage of 45 U.S. cents. For that dollar, they’ll bring your mail just a short walk across ice and snow through freezing Canadian winds from your house.

ISTR hearing that there are a lot of Deepaks Chopra. It’s kind of the “Mike Smith” of South Asian names.

Next thing you know they will be stopping the milk deliveries! When will the madness end!