Aaagh this is driving me mad: 'Chocolate ___' rhymes with 'bed'

I am playing this word puzzle. The clue is as above. I thought of it, then before I wrote it down I have managed to forget it.

So the clue is as per the title: what phrase ‘chocolate _______’ rhymes with ‘bed’?

When I thought of it, it was completely obvious and now it totally escapes me.

Chocolate spread, perhaps?

Or chocolate bread? Chocolate-fed?

Spread! Thank youdrewtwo99. I knew it was obvious once you thought of it. Sanity saved. SDMB to the rescue first post.

To be entirely honest, I went to a rhyming dictionary and picked the word that made the most sense. Glad I could help though!

[Nurse Ratchet] Time to take your chocolate meds. [/Nurse Ratchet]