AAUUUUGGGGGGH! I have hiccups.

They started about 15 minutes ago, and don’t show any signs of going away. My brother always used to tell me that the best cure is to roll down a grassy hill, and take a bite of grass everytime you face the ground. Then he admitted that most hiccup cures are for the amusement of the person suggesting the cure. So, no, I never rolled down a hill.

But, I’m about ready to roll down a hill. So far, I’ve tried drinking water in every position possible, and breathing through a paper bag. Any other ideas?? (hic)



Hold your breath until you start to see spots, then release it slowly. I’d say it works about 50% of the time.

This works for me: stick my finger down my throat until I gag.
Good luck.

My husband already tried yelling “PRESIDENT PALIN” at me, and that didnt’ work. i;m still hiccuping. Dammit.

Well, there’s your problem, you only yell “PRESIDENT PALIN!” when you want to induce an abortion.

I’m not even sure what that means.

It means it’s really fucking scary.

Teaspoon of sugar, place it on the tongue. Try not to swallow any more than you have to. Let it dissolve. When the sugar is gone, so are your hiccups. I don’t know why it works, but it has never failed me.

SSG Schwartz

OK, this and a chug of wine seemed to work.

Hiccups are incredibly annoying.

To actually provide some useful information, it appears as though nearly anything which forces you to focus on and control your breathing works most of the time. You’ll note that most of the truly effective techniques people seem to mention most involve some sort of breath control, either by holding it or consciously focusing on it. For me, just closing my eyes and ignoring everything around me and concentrating on just breathing in and out slowly works, usually within a minute or two.

But it’s so much more entertaining to watch someone roll down a hill and try to take a bite of grass everytime they face the ground!

I think you’re right, though- calming down helps a lot.

Fill your mouth with water as much as you possibly can, to the point where you have to hold your lips shut. Look straight up and swallow the water little by little until it is gone.

This works EVERY time.

I have a cure that probably only works because I believe that it does and it only works for other people because they’re trusting souls and take my word for it. It’s also pretty funny to watch.

Fill a glass with water and stand over the sink. Bend over the sink and drink from the far side of the glass. If you’re doing it right the closer side of the glass will be up against the bottom of your chin and you’ll be tipping it toward you as you need to so that you can gulp it up. You gulp a lot of air at the same time. It’s easy to get drunks to do it at parties.

Try to touch your elbows behind your back and take the deepest breath you can and hold it.

Exactly what I do. My parents gave me sugar when I was a kid with the hiccups. Like SSG I have no idea why it works but it does. :confused:

Unfortunately though, sugar is not something I regularly have on hand. Only buy it if I’m going to bake something which I haven’t done for a while. I don’t use sugar on cereal or beverages, for instance.

Our oceans are filled with garbage. We’ve created a hole in the ozone that’s frying the planet. Nuclear waste is piling up without any safe way to get rid of it.

Scared you?

Lime ‘n’ bitters. Works every time.

This also works for me. Unpleasent but immediately effective.

Don’t think about hiccups. If you can stop thinking about hiccups, they’ll go away.

Tricky, but it works.


I heard this suggested as a self-hypnosis trick. Have never hynotized myself, but it odes get hid of hiccups.
Imagine an hourglass (on it’s side - it fits better that way :smiley: ) on oyur forehead.
As you inhale, imagine a dot starting at the bottom of one side, up, over, and down to bottom of the other side. When exhaling, the dot completes its trip up the other side, then back down.

Really! And is has the advantage of not making you look like a fool to amused passers-by!