Abba video--Frida nudges Agnetha

It’s at about 2:48. Nothing major, but I got a chuckle out of it.

What on earth was the deal with the long dresses some of the audience members were wearing? The 70s have a lot to answer for.

Hey!!! They looked as good as they were 30 years ago.

After watching the video, I have come to the unhappy conclusion that they were lip-synching. :eek:

Isn’t that pretty much the norm when pop groups ‘perform’ on TV? I’ve seen a lot of YouTubes of various bands performing on TV, and in cases where I’m familiar with the studio recording, with rare exceptions it’s exactly the same, down to the last note, down to the last vocal inflection.

Cute, and it really got the cat’s attention. Something about the vocals seemed to grab her, and she sat staring at the monitor until the song was over.

It’s true, there was a lot of lip-synching going on, for instance, on “American Bandstand”. However, sometimes a group would appear on TV singing live to the backing track of their record. Their label would have prepared a version of the master tape without the vocals. I collect these clips and their audio. Most of the time it sounds exactly like the record, except the vocals are marginally different.

:o :o :o Agnetha…<sigh> :o :o :o

hmm… looks like Agnetha was distracted by something (her eyes dart up to something off-stage) and then messes up the lyrics? i dunno…
i think i’m just feeling defensive about my Frida…