Abbey Road studios for sale?!

A friend just sent me this:

Please tell me I am being whooshed. I can’t think of a better candidate for historical preservation - or, better yet, still being used for recording but not radically re-built or altered…

I can’t really see myself worrying about this.

Yeah, I heard it on NPR a few days ago. It’s true.

Philistine! :smiley:

Okay - maybe just for us music/Beatles/Pink Floyd/etc. obsessives but some of the most historic music of the rock era has been recorded there. And few studios have the cross-over awareness that Abbey Road has - e.g., Sun, Electric Ladyland, The Power Station, etc…

Pail McCartney has money. If he’s “concerned”, he can buy the place.

Problem… solved!

That was my first thought, too. Although I guess the studio could always be sold to someone else if it’s on the open market.

You could say something akin to that re: Badfinger, too, but we all know how that turned out.

Surely the Chief Executive of EMI should donate the studios to the National Trust, along with a soap impression of his wife.

Let’s assume that not all of us know how that turned out. Care to explain to the rest of us?

As for this situation, I agree with JohnT. Certainly Paul McCartney (and Ringo, along with George Harrison and John Lennon’s families, if they wish) could certainly afford to bankroll the preservation of this.

Sorry. Badfinger was signed to Apple, were friendly with the Beatles, had hit songs…but a lot of financial mismanagement by unscrupulous folks. The guys were having real difficulties, and it eventually led to Pete Ham’s suicide. Not the Beatles or Apples fault, really, but still…could’ve thrown them a bone at that point.

…and, ultimately the suicide of another member, Tom Evans. Wiki link

If you haven’t heard their song **Apple of My Eye **- which plays like a song about a love that has passed but which is really about Badfinger’s relationship with Apple - you really should. Given what played out, it could not be more poignant and heart-wrenching…

I wonder if they could turn Abbey Road into some kind of museum? People flock there just to stand outside and take pictures of themselves crossing the street. I know I wouldn’t have blinked to pay $20 or so to actually go inside.

Before Abbey Road studio turns to dust you should read Geoff Emerick’s Here, There and Everywhere (which I coincidentally just finished) about his years at Abbey Road studies engineering albums for The Beatles (and other artists). It was a fascinating read.