Abbreviation help?

Hi guys, I was wondering if someone would be so kind as to explain a few of the abbreviations that I see on here. Most of them I can figure out, but there are a few that have me stumped (and I will probably :smack: when I find out what they are).

Anyhoo, these are some I have having blank brain moments with:


Thanks a lot!

Your Mileage May Vary

Wild Ass Guess

Monday Morning Post

Thanks so much! Appreciate it.

A good source for contemporary slang (and these abbreviations are a form of slang) is the Urban Dictionary, e.g., it’s definitions of YMMV. You need to exercise a bit of skepticism around it, because it consists of user input, but usually the consensus there gets things right.

Thanks for the link, Giles.

Here’s a link with some Dope-specific abbreviations and in-jokes.

Thanks twickster. I didnt think to search for “glossary”!:smack: