Abbreviations on cars

  1. What do the initials “LT” stand for in a 1977 Camaro Type LT?

  2. What does the “S” stand for in Chevy S-10 truck?

Just like any other car’s symbols, name, and letter code (especially those with X in them) they mean absolutely nothing!!

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Actually many times they mean something, even if it’s only within the company. Many of the numbers on luxury and foreign cars designate engine size. Many times letters indicate trim levels and special engine or suspension packages. As for “LT” and “S-10” in particular, I don’t know.

Sometimes they mean something sometimes they don’t. I think LT originally stood for “Landau Top”. They use it now just to indicate an upscale trim package.

Full size Chevy trucks run in numerical series like Series 10, 15, 25 etc. The S-10 probly just means “small” 10. Back in the 70’s during the oil embargo Ford put out a little crackerbox caled the MPG for “miles per gallon”.

Us old fat bald guys are the only ones who remember what GTO stands for though. :wink:

Lex Non Favet Delicatorum Votis

grand tourismo O…(some german word i can’t pronouce)

I’m only 26

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Gran Turismo Omologato, which is, IIRC, Italian. And I’m neither fat nor bald.

To the OP: More often than not, the letters in the platform are only internal codes. Sometimes you can decipher 'em, sometimes you can’t. For instance, Lexus SC-series denotes sport coupe. The “S” in S-10, I believe, is simply the platform name, like the Camaro is the F-body, GM’s small pickup is the S-body.

More than few people purported at the time the Dodge/Chrysler LH platform was introduced that LH stood for Last Hope.

As far as the LT in the Camaro, at first I thought it might be related to the LT-1 Corvette engine, but, offhand, I don’t think the LT-1 was available in 1977. It might stand for luxury touring, though. Chevy offered the Berlinetta, which was a tad more upscale than the base Camaro, a few years later.

For the most part, the insurance companies are pleased to see an extension of the name so that they can charge more. GS, GT, GLX, and so on usually indicate a higher priced vehicle with more options.

My favorite: The Mazda GLC (Good Little Car).

SE is usually Special Edition
LX, EX, DX… Honda designations. They love those X’s!

Any motorcycle enthusiast can tell you that anything with an X or Z in the name goes faster. (The fastest production bike, on and off, has been the ZX-11 Ninja). My bike? A CB-750.

GLC ? didn’t that stand for Great Little car?

What the heck, I always call that Greek guy Alexander the Pretty Good. (plagerizing Gary Larson)

      • Sly, IIRC Ferrari said that GTO was to stand for “Gran Tourismo Olmogato”. Pontiac never said officially that their GTO stood for anything. - MC

Bringing this back up, I have to know what “LT” stands for, it’s been bugging me for years.

Nevermind, this page says that it stands for “Luxury Touring”.

Thanks to everyone for answering the S-10 question.

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Roachman: LX, EX, DX… Honda designations. They love those X’s!

And they’ve been hijacked by other car companies. My last two cars, a Ford Escort and a Mazda Protege both are LX models.

Doesn’t LX mean ‘luxury’?

Just to add my $0.02, earlier this year, Saturn released its LS model and clearly stated in its ads that LS stands for ‘Larger Size’.

A different kind of company,
A different kind of car,
A stupid kind of classification.

DX usually means “deluxe”