ABC's film critic walks out of Clerks II screening

Apparently, you can’t talk about sexing up a donkey in front of Joel Siegel, lest his delicate sensitivities get assaulted.

From the NY Post Page Six:

Smith was less than amused with Siegel’s display and wrote a response on his MySpace blog. Some highlights:

A bit childish in response, but funny. What I do agree with is this:


Anywho, I’m very much inclined to agree with Smith. If Joel was so upset about the movie, quietly get up leave- and that’s assuming it REALLY assaulted his delicate sensibilities. In reality, he is a movie critic and he needs to sit his fluffy butt in the chair and suffer through whatever is put before him. After all, that’s his job.

Good for Kevin Smith.

Just thought I’d share.

Joel Siegel is a dick, and this just proves it. Totally unprofessional behavior. I’ll think I’ll see Clerks 2 three times now, just to piss him off.

I think I’m going to see Cars. I mean, apparently, it’s a Wheelie good time!!11LOL!1!!

I’ve got to agree with KS on this one. Walking out of a bad movie is one thing. Causing a scene and ruining it for others makes you no different from the godforsaken asshats who answer cellphones during the movie.

This is what, the sixth movie KS has made with the same characters. How did a famous movie critic not know going in that this film was going to be gross.

The mention of bestiality in an R-rated comedy is enough of a shock to send this guy storming out of the theater? Which movies has he been watching for the past ten years?

Cars, POTC2, Shark Tale, and X-Men…apparently. The only problem here is that there was no easy pun with the title of Clerks 2.

That’s what I’m wondering. In the course of his lengthy career, he must have encountered a lot of stuff smuttier that what you’d encounter in Kevin Smith dialogue. Do these guys have some kind of history?

As Smith says on his blog, Joel could have gone with, “Clerks II? More like: Jerks, too!” :stuck_out_tongue:

Does Joel Siegel still plan on writing a review? It seems dishonest to put forth what you claim is a review of an entire movie if you’ve only see the first 40 minutes…

Siegel’s article 2 years from now:

Oh yeah, well the Clerks store called and they’re running out of you!

::hollering at the top of my lungs:: I can’t watch this movie! There’s a fucking profanity in it!

I like Rex Reed.

I can’t be the only one who finds Kevin Smith films to be, well, lame, can I? I know to his fans, he can do no wrong. He can make the Ben Affleck movie, a sickly sweet desperate attempt to get a commercial hit which by its mere existence goes against everything his previous films were about. And no, I don’t blame a director for courting the mass audiences, but Ben Affleck as a doting dad to an adorable nine year old? Very sad. And since that one explicably bombed, he goes back to re-release his most critically acclaimed film. Is he out of ideas? Are the Rolling Stones releasing “I can’t get no satisfaction 2006” next month? To me it seems potty mouth humor is all this guy has going for him. Great plots? no. Fully developed characters? Uh- no. At the risk of being reemed, I don’t see how a guy like this is thought of in such high esteem on a board like this. Granted, the frat boys who fill the psych auditoriums to here him speak, you at least see why they like him. But otherwise intelligent people who fawn over him and at the same time lambaste similar product like Friends is beyond me. Potty mouth with intelligent humor behind it (cf Family Guy) is always welcome. Am I missing the really intelligent jokes in these films? Having Jay ask a girl to lick his asshole- where exactly is the humor in that, to anyone over 12? Oh I forgot- Clerks is cool, because it’s how people really act and talk. Whatever that means.

Please people, it’s too easy to judge Joel Siegal, but until you’ve walked in his shoes and know the whole story of him, Eeyore, and a bottle of Astroglide™, I think it’s best to keep your comments to yourself.

For some reason, this reminds me of Roger Ebert’s review of Pink Flamingos (which was, of course, also a very dirty movie): “I am not giving a star rating to Pink Flamingos, because stars seem not to apply. It should be considered not as a film but as a fact, or perhaps an object.” Perhaps Joel Siegel should steal that line for his film. (And professional reviewers walking out of movies is nothing new- Rev. Tom Carder of CAP Alert fame was somehow able to sit through South Park, but walked out of other R-rated movies.)

That should read Joel Siegel’s review, of course.

Siegel on Opie and Anthony. . .along with Kevin Smith.

I don’t think Siegel realizes he’s talking to Kevin Smith.

Please give us Kevin Smith fans a break; very few of us liked Jersey Girl. The movie blew chunks. Saying he made a Ben Affleck movie sounds a little silly though considering how many films he has made that included Ben. Kevin Smith helped finance “Good Will Hunting”. They are good friends.
If your point is Kevin Smith failed in his attempt to make a mainstream movie, that is true. It sounds more like you are lightly informed on his works and just want to insult him and his fans.

My Bolding, is it Joel Siegel that is this ignorant of the movies that he failed to realize that Clerks and all things Kevin Smith are New Jersey oriented?


No no, I’m not a flamer- check my previous postings. I may have came off sounding like that- I aplogize. My post was legitimate. There seems to be a legion of intelligent Kevin Smith fans, and I just don’t get it. If your smart friends tell you to watch American Dad, (early) Simpsons, Spinal Tap, Holy Grail, etc., that they are really funny, then you watch them- you see what they meant. When otherwise brilliant people tell me about Kevin Smith films, I’ve watched them all- I just don’t see these on the same level. Or are they even supposed to be on this level? I am honestly curious about what attracts intelligent people to a Kevin Smith film. No flaming, no offense to anyone- I really am curious.