abducted by gypsies?

I was at the South Shore Mall, in Aberdeen, Washington, when Gypsies tried to kidnap my 11 year old son. The oldest man blocked us from getting into the mall from the hallway entrance and the younger man blocked us from getting back out of the entrance. An older woman came from around the corner and tried to lure my son to the parking lot. I was yelling at her, and the security guard heard me, and came to help. The gypsies disappeared in a hurry.

They work in packs, and use a clicking sound to signal one another, while pretending they don’t know one another.

Gypsies tried to rob my 77 year old mother last month, when I was at that same South Shore mall with my now 22 year old son, and they took off when they heard me call the mall personnel on my cell phone.

I hear that if you speak the name of the Virgin Mary, they disappear in a flash of sulfur.

damn unfriendly these xhosa!

mmmm zombie gypsies

How did you know they were Gypsies? Did they have scarves tied around their heads and wear tambourines on their belts?

A llamia ate my baby :frowning:

My grandmother (Born 1880’s, East Anglia, UK) used to straighten out the legs of her younger brothers and later her children (my mother and uncle born in the 1920’s) while they slept so they would be able to “run away from the gypsies”

It was a real worry for her.

I think I could understand stealing a 11 year old, but what would Gypsies want with with a 77 year old woman?

Is that what you get when you cross a llama with a lamia?

Mary was the least popular girl at Roma school…

What a frightening event. Surely it made the news. Surely you can supply a link to the story.

I think it would be pretty stupid to try and kidnap an 11yo boy. 11yo kids are pretty old, think 5th grade, and can be extremely strong. They could certainly scream for help, and fight back. Not an easy target at all, frankly.

And if they had two men, why would they need the lady in the parking lot to lure the kid away? Why not just grab the kid. And what the hell do you lure an 11yo boy with? Titty magazines or an XBox 360?

The t.v. show, “Criminal Minds,” did an episode that involved Gypsies kidnapping children. It was pretty bad!

True Story: My wife’s grandmother actually was abducted by gypsies when she was a baby. She was stolen from the courtyard of her apartment complex in Budapest. Her uncle retrieved her. She was always concerned that he brought back the wrong baby but she’s a clone of her brother.

In Adam Smith’s time were they particular about using the term “Gypsies” just to mean the specific ethnic group? Or was it just generically used for any group of migratory people? I’ve heard the term “gypsies” used to cover Roma, Irish Travellers, migratory homeless people, or just people who tend to be always on the move.

So these Gypsies have been hanging around the South Shore Mall for 11 years now, stealing children and robbing seniors and what not? Someone should really tell them, “You know what guys, you’re GYPSIES! Try moving around once in a while. Sheesh! And stop throwing your babies at people while picking their pockets. It’s not nice.”

Can someone translate the above into secret click language for dorothytoto?

That’s nothing. My 33 year at the time old brother barely escaped being kidnapped, just like my 44 year old sister. My 55 year old uncle was almost robbed, and my 66 year old aunt. It’s the Gypsy curse of multiples of 11 I tell ya.

And has been one for a long, long time.

One of the charges against Jews in pograms was that they stole Christian children.

Before that, the Jews mention in the Bible how the Amalekites steal Jewish children.

And the Sabine tribe complained that the men of Rome stole their young women. The Greeks had the same complaint about the Trojans; they started a war over it. The Saxons in England objected to the Vikings doing this.

It’s pretty common throughout history to claim that the nearby enemy tribe tries to steal children from our tribe. And for mothers to try to scare their children by saying “if you don’t behave, the ____ will get you”.

Tea Party.

Heh…my parents used to threaten to sell me to the Amish.

See GQ thread, which is running right now, on similar themes re gypsies.