Abe's Atheventures

What do you think of Abe’s Atheventures?

He is up to episode 15, all of which are available on this message board forum: Abe’s Atheventure’s, Ep 15: Terrorism

(Is it OK to link like that?)

I think it’s a little bit juvenile, but also somewhat entertaining. I don’t see why he can’t proselytize (sp?) in this manner and I admire the courage needed to hold a “God Is Fake” sign up in front of various churches he visits. I sure wouldn’t do it!

I am going to leave this here (with some reservations) as long as the discussion sticks to opinions regarding the linked author’s actions. At the first sign that this is going to become an interactive exchange between the two boards, this thread will disappear.

We do not encourage board wars, nor do we encourage activities that may lead to board wars or harrassment.

I am also going to change the link in the OP from the Forum page to that of the specific thread noted in the OP.

The behaviour of a certain Mr Phelps comes to mind…

I’m afraid he just comes over, from that one thread, as one of the many unpleasant people out there who enjoy causing trouble just for the sake of it. Does he honestly think that sort of behaviour is going to encourage anyone to accept atheism? Or is he just trying to get his name in the papers?

He’s previously stated his goals were to have fun and cause doubt. He has had at least a couple of people register at the site- Pastors Steve and Mark, I think.