Abilities You: Have/Want/Need/Admire

Would you like some tea? I’ll make some tea. :slight_smile:

Johnny: Move to the East Coast, become my sugar daddy (though our age difference might not be significant enough … sugar uncle?), and you can put me through ground & flight school. While you’re at it, get an instructor’s license and save yourself a bundle on the flight school cost. :smiley:

fessie: Sorry for the aeronautic hijack. :slight_smile:

Sensibility: What makes you say that you need to “toughen up?” You make it sound as though it’s impossible to have a lot of heart and protect yourself. That’s simply not so. Screw Johnny’s tea: let’s you and me talk over some beers. :wink: (No offense, J!)

I think I need stolidity. All the guys with nice looking women seem stolid to me. So since I don’t wanna die alone amongst empty gin bottles and smelly cats, I think I need to become more stolid.

Would love some tea Johnny… specially if it comes with a great big hug!! :slight_smile:

Name the place and I’ll be there! :slight_smile:

Guess Im just not too good at the self - protection bit, Im so busy making sure everyone ELSE is okay, letting them know that Im there for them, protecting THEM from being hurt etc, that I forget to protect me!