Abilities You: Have/Want/Need/Admire

(I chose “abilities” since it implies the skilled, deliberate development of innate talent)

Have: Drawing, painting, writing with some clarity, driving a stick-shift while removing the pickles and putting ketchup on my burger

Want: Cooking, singing

Need: Patience, listening

Admire: Athletes

**Have:**patient, good w/ children, easily amused, never bored

**Want:**leadership, follow through, sewing

**Need:**cooking (inclu. meal planning, shopping, washing up), job finding (eventually)

**Admire:**management, leadership, vision w/ follow through

Have: Flying, filmmaking, motorcycling, SCUBA, cooking, keeping people wondering if I’m joking or being serious

Want: Attracting females (well, just one), singing, playing musican instruments better

Need: Plan completion

Admire: Scientists in all disciplines

Have: poetry (for all the good it does me), sincerity, compassion

Want: singing, self-motivation, grace

Need: organization, tidiness

Admire: making friends easily, confrontation without insult

Actually, my post should have said ‘Scientists in any discipline’. I can’t think of anyone who studies everything.

And musical instruments. Maybe my ‘Need:’ should be ‘previewing of posts’.

Have: Leadership, Teaching, Writing, Desgin/interior/treehomes, Scuba, Life Skills, Imagination, Loving.
Want: Ability to motivate myself to lose weight, control of desires…
Need: organization.
Admire: tight-rope walkers, archaeologists…

Have:Cooking skills, great sense of humor, fair singing ability, good financial sense, wonderful group of friends, decent parenting skills, huge volume of untapped sensuality

Want: Suitable male that appreciates the above, puter skills, ability to play at either the guitar or piano passably well

Need: Motivation to exercise, to finish 42 house projects, be more disciplined and organized in just about every area

Admire: Artists, scientists, athletes, success and competency in any field really.


Have: Excellent memory. Good cook. The ability to move beyond anything. Quick learner.

Want: The ability to sing as well as I enjoy it.

Need: The ability to finish projects that I begin.

Admire: The ability to walk up to a complete stranger and be completely comfortable.

Have: Problem-solving. Knitting. Cooking. Recognizing (some of) my shortcomings, and implementing plans to combat them. (I’ve become a self-improvement junkie in recent years.) Role-playing. (I hesitate to list this as an ability, but it’s something I spend a non-trivial amount of time doing, and I get a great deal of satisfaction from doing it well—according to my own idiosyncratic standards, of course.)

Need: Focus and concentration. Better programming skills. The ability to organize a large project and see it through. I also need to put more effort into my casual writing, aiming for clear, precise, economical prose, good organization, and fewer typos and editing errors.

Want: Knitting design. Game design. Drawing. Making small talk with strangers or new aquaintances, especially those who are not very good at small talk themselves.

Admire: People who can make and build useful things (carpentry, electronics, machining, etc.) People who can see to the heart of an argument and ask a question that completely turns your thinking on its head. Good GMs. People who keep a clean, tidy, pleasant house. Good parents. People who dress well.

[ul]Have: After 66 years of searching have come up empty handed.
[li] Need: Ability to answer questions like this one. [/li][li] Want: Ability to answer questions like this one.[/li][*] Admire: People with the ability to answer questions like this one.[/ul]

Have: Singing, playing the piano, writing, organizing, leading, listening, problem-solving, being at ease with most people and in most situations

Want: Flying, dancing, race driving

Need: Patience, better focus for leadership skills, self-discipline

Admire: Everything I don’t have

Training & Safety: Your tools to being a safer pilot - AOPA First lesson $49.



Have: I can reheat leftovers perfectly; I make a kick-ass margarita; I can think and logic and write; I can imitate anyone’s accent; I am a superb navigator; I can bluff my way through anything.
Need: More time to read, because the books just keep piling up. A hobby – something adventurous that won’t kill me, either outright or through fright. Oh, and patience for idiocy.
Want: A life plan; an answer to the question, “where will you be in ten years?”
Admire: People who are handy, who can fix things, who understand how things work.

Yeah, the trouble comes when that $49 lesson turns into thousands of dollars for the aircraft rental, ground school, fuel, etc. (and I want to fly helicopters, which I believe can cost more to rent than small planes). And the exact cost can never be known in advance, because there’s no guarantee that I’ll pass the FAA test with only the minimum number of required flight hours. And you know all of this full well. :stuck_out_tongue:

(And yes, I know that I can take ground school separately … but why would I?? ;))

When the time comes, however, I have this place all picked out. :slight_smile:

YOU WILL NOT THINK OF THAT!!! Forty-nine dollars. That’s not bad at all! Excellent deal, really. Joiiiin ussssssss… :smiley:

Good choice. I haven’t flown a fixed-wing since I took up helicopters (except for once when my instructor and a student crashed the helicopter I was waiting for, so I rented a Cessna that day instead). But yeah, the last time I checked you could rent a Cessna 172 for $75/hour and a Robinson R-22 cost $180/hour. I need to lose at least ten pounds before I can fly a Robinson again. (No Schweizer 300CBs up here.) :frowning:

It’s true that most students take more than the required 40 hours to earn a license; but I think most students pass their flight exam the first time. (I did both times.)

Wow! A lesson for only $49! Such a deal! :smiley:

I took my fixed-wing ground school at a community college before I started flying lessons.

Flying a helicopter is the most fun you can have and still have your clothes on!

So what I do is rent a helicopter, take off all of my clothes, and it’s the most fun I have! :smiley:

Have - the biggest heart in the world
Need - to toughen up?
Want - not to HAVE to
Admire - those who havent, and remained whole!

Have: Wickedly dark sense of humor, ability to play tunes by ear and to sometimes transcribe them, to stay awake for extended periods of time, to draw and write fiction, to imitate accents/dialects well.

Want: Ability to play guitar and bass exceptionally well, ability to run for long distances, to have enough patience to teach, to fly an aeroplane.

Need: To not procrastinate, to recognize when not to use black humor, to remember that vacillating is pretty annoying, to weasel my way out of potentially harmful and deadly situations, to avoid being so goddamned tactful when holding back will hurt me as well as the other person later on.

Admire: People who play instruments well, people who are confident but not jerkish, people who can actually accept a compliment instead of saying, “No, it’s not really too great…”, people who bang out a masterpiece picture in under ten minutes.