Abnormal chin... What is the condition called?

I met a person with an extremely large chin. It wasnt like Jay Leno big, it was more like “whoa i wonder what condition that guy has” big. In which case, I come to ask you all. If you need a little more description, just post in here and ill be happy to speak a little more about the chin.


Google “prognathism”.Lots of links to various syndromes like the Hapsburg jaw.

You might recognize it from the descriptions of the various syndromes,but a quick read through some suggests heredity as a major factor.

nope… im pretty sure that isnt it. Let me try to explain it again. It is definately some strange case which I have never seen before. Im no doctor or anything, so it quite possibly may be routine to a surgeon or something like that…

Anyways its sort of like this:

Just imagine a regular person, with an oval extension beginning where a regular chin would end. It extends about 4-5 inches down and to the sides also. I couldnt tell if there was a bone in there, or just fat.

Hope this can complete the diagnoses.



That’s a fairly common look among the oral cancer/jaw cancer folks at my cancer hospital (I have to go through Head and Neck to get from GYN to Gastro…quite a feat of anatomy rearrangement, and about a long city block walk).

I have not asked the particulars; that’s not done. You accept the guy with the flap growing new parts for his face/earlobes/whatever as perfectly normal, knowing that you or one of your loved ones could be next.

Acromegaly can cause an elongated jaw. Google that and see if any of the other indicators were present.

Cherubism maybe?