Abnormal not to be all that bothered about missing on food?

I could easily go 24 hours without eating, just due to not thinking about it. In fact I just noticed on writing this OP that I haven’t actually eaten anything in the last 24 hours although I am now hungry and planning to cook something.

Yet I know all these people who get fussed about missing a meal. Am I abnormal? If it’s relevant, I’m also very fat (this comes from alcohol rather than eating though, I think)

If alcohol is involved, I’d say it’s not at all unusual. Many drug users (legal or otherwise) don’t eat properly.

Keep in mind that alcoholic beverages can have a lot of calories. 12 oz of beer can be 125-175 calories, a glass of standard wine is about 100 calories and a shot of hard liquor is probably in the 60-80 range. If alcohol consumption is that much of a factor, your body may consider its hunger triggers to have been satisfied.

I’d suggest getting blood-work for thyroid hormone levels. I’m like you that if I’m sufficiently distracted I can not eat for a long time and not notice, and I also have (sub-clinical) hypothyroidism, and I am told that these are likely related.

I, too, have hypothyroidism and I notice when I don’t eat. For me it was weight when I was about 40 lbs heavier, I was always aware of when I would e eating again and what I would be eating once I lost the weight, it didn’t matter as much and I’m sometimes just not hungry.

I also agree with dracoi. You may be drinking your meals. I don’t know how much your body cares where it’s getting the calories.

What do you eat, and how much of it do you eat, when you do get around to eating? You may be eating so much at one time that, combined with the empty liquid calories from the alcohol, you don’t really notice hunger for as long as a full day at a time.